Union Prisoners Imprisoned in
Charleston County Jail, Columbia, S. C.
during 1861 and 1862

SurName, Given NameUnit of ServiceCoRankWhere & When capturedFlag
Alcock, A. O.Sergeant11 New York InfantryA  
Archer Jr., J.Private1 Michigan InfantryG  
Armstrong, H. F.PrivateNew York Engineer CorpsG  
Arndt, J.Private1 Michigan InfantryA  
Austin, GeorgeCaptain2 Kentucky InfantryB  
Badgely, J.Private1 Michigan InfantryB  
Baker, G. W.Private1 Michigan InfantryH  
Baker, M.Private1 Michigan InfantryH  
Barker, J. N.Private1 Michigan InfantryG  
Barry, T.Private11 New York InfantryL  
Beaumont, JohnPrivate79 New York Infantry10  
Beeny, G.Private7 New York InfantryK  
Bishop, E. A.PrivateNew York Engineer Corps1  
Blanchard, H.Private1 Michigan InfantryK  
Bollo, F. T.Private1 Michigan InfantryA  
Bragdon, W.Private11 New York InfantryM  
Brink, H.Private1 Michigan InfantryF  
Brinkerhoff, JohnPrivate1 Michigan InfantryC  
Brody, RichardPrivateNew York Engineer Corps1  
Caleff, G. W.2nd Lieutenant11 Massachusetts InfantryH  
Campbell, Robert1st LieutenantNew York Engineer CorpsH  
Carmody, A. F.Hospital Nurse69 New York InfantryB  
Carmody, R.Hospital Nurse11 New York InfantryB  
Carrigan, A. J.Private79 New York Infantry9  
Carroll, ThomasPrivate11 New York InfantryK  
Cassidy, D. M.Private71 New York InfantryK  
Collins, JeremiahPrivate79 New York Infantry9  
Conloy, E.2nd Lieutenant69 New York InfantryK  
Connely, PatPrivate11 New York InfantryM  
Corcoran, MichaelColonel69 New York State Milita (3 months 1861)F&S  
Cradick, A.Orderly Sergeant79 New York Infantry4  
Craig, AndrewPrivate1 Michigan InfantryG21-Jul-62 @ Manassas, VA 
Cross, E. A.Private3 Michigan InfantryG  
Dale, WalterPrivate79 New York Infantry9  
Davis, A. W.Private79 New York Infantry5  
Dempsey, J. W.2nd Lieutenant2 New York InfantryH  
Devol ( Devall ), John H.Private15 Massachusetts InfantryD21-Oct-61 @ Leesburg, VA 
Dodge, George W.Chaplain11 New York InfantryF&S  
Donnelly, ArthurPrivate15 Massachusetts InfantryC  
Downey, J. H.Captain11 New York InfantryD  
Drew, John T. ( J. J. )Captain2 Vermont InfantryG21-Jul-61 @ 1ST Bull Run 
Drury, G. D.Private1 Michigan InfantryC  
Dubois, A.Private1 Michigan InfantryD  
Eddy, H.Chaplain2 Connecticut Infantry   
Edwards, A. M.Sergeant1 Michigan InfantryK  
Emis, JohnPrivate79 New York Infantry5  
Everett, R.Private79 New York Infantry4  
Ewers, CharlesPrivate1 Michigan InfantryF  
Eyster, J. A.Citizen    
Farrush, J. A.Captain79 New York InfantryB  
Fay, WilliamLieutenant25 New York InfantryB  
Fish, Roswell A.Captain32 New York InfantryE  
Flemming, W. H.Private1 Michigan InfantryK  
Furgerson, JohnHospital Nurse11 New York Infantry   
Goldsmith, G.Private1 Michigan InfantryF  
Gooden, L.Captain11 New York InfantryF  
Gordon, D. S.Lieutenant2 New Jersey InfantryF  
Graham, J.Private79 New York Infantry10  
Gray, WilliamPrivate79 New York Infantry8  
Gregg, J.Sergeant1 Michigan InfantryB  
Grey, C. C.Assistant Surgeon    
Griffin, M.Captain7 New York InfantryK  
Griswold, StephenAssistant Surgeon38 New York InfantryF&S  
Grunmage, J.Private79 New York Infantry7  
Guildersleeve, J.Private79 New York Infantry7  
Haig, JamesPrivateNew York Engineer Corps2  
Hamblin, ThomasLieutenant38 New York InfantryG  
Harvey, Charles H.Private1 Michigan InfantryC  
Haskell, F.Private5 Maine InfantryK  
Haynes, QuadePrivate1 Michigan InfantryK  
Helms, D.Private1 Michigan InfantryC  
Hiltburn, S. C.Private9 Virginia InfantryA  
Hopkins, J.Private11 New York InfantryF  
Horner, RobertPrivateNew York Engineer Corps1  
Howard, WesleyPrivate9 Virginia InfantryA  
Hoyley, J.Private79 New York Infantry5  
Hyland, J.PrivateNew York Engineer CorpsG  
Imms, W.Private11 New York InfantryE  
Johnson, W.Private1 Michigan InfantryD  
Kelley, J.Private1 Michigan InfantryF  
Lane, W. R.Private71 New York InfantryK  
Lang, J.Private1 Michigan InfantryC  
Lang, J.Private1 Michigan InfantryE  
Launa, A. T.Private69 New York InfantryH  
Layon, E.Private71 New York InfantryG  
Leary, J. M.Sergeant11 New York InfantryL  
Lenner, A. T.Private69 New York InfantryC  
Lone, W. R.Private69 New York InfantryK  
Lyon, E.Private69 New York InfantryH  
Mars, M. V.Private1 Michigan InfantryI  
Martin, M.Private1 Michigan InfantryD  
Mc Arthur, A.Private79 New York InfantryD  
Mc Cartney, ?Corporal79 New York Infantry5  
Mc Cormick, ThomasPrivate79 New York Infantry10  
Mc Geehan, ?Private11 New York InfantryB  
Mc Gregor, A.Private79 New York Infantry6  
Mc Gregor, JohnSurgeon3 Connecticut InfantryF&S  
Mc Kine, R.PrivateNew York Engineer Corps1  
Mc Quatt, D.Private79 New York Infantry8  
Metzke, W.Color Sergeant1 Michigan InfantryD  
Moore, Charles B.Sergeant1 Michigan InfantryI  
Muir, J.PrivateNew York Engineer Corps1  
Neal, Charles M.Private79 New York Infantry9  
Neff, George W.Lieutenant Colonel2 Kentucky Infantry (3 months 1861)F&S  
Noel, W. R.Private1 Michigan InfantryE  
O'Brian, ThomasPrivate69 New York InfantryG  
Palmer, Charles H.Private1 Michigan InfantryG  
Perrin, H. L.Hospital Steward11 New York Infantry   
Phillips, G. S.Private1 Michigan InfantryH  
Pollock, R.Private79 New York Infantry8  
Pomeroy, P.Private1 Michigan InfantryK  
Porter, N.Private1 Michigan InfantryD  
Potter, James Dexatur ( J. W. )Major38 New York InfantryF&S  
Price, JohnSergeant    
Rainer, T.Private1 Michigan InfantryG  
Reed, E. A.Private11 New York InfantryE  
Reynolds, JohnPrivate79 New York Infantry7  
Reynolds, W. N.Private1 Michigan InfantryE  
Rhodes, GeorgePrivate1 Michigan InfantryC  
Richmond, DuncanPrivate11 New York InfantryC  
Roylance, T.Private79 New York Infantry5  
Russell, D.PrivateNew York Engineer Corps1  
Sandell, E.Private11 New York InfantryC  
Scott, J.PrivateNew York Engineer Corps1  
Scotts, S.PrivateNew York Engineer Corps3  
Simmons, FredPrivate1 Michigan InfantryI  
Smith, W.Citizen    
Snaidman, D.Private1 Michigan InfantryE  
Snails, J. D.Private1 Michigan InfantryC  
Southerland, R.Private79 New York Infantry7  
Sprague, John WilsonCaptain7 Ohio InfantryE11-Aug-64 @ Birch River, VA 
Starkweather, J. H.Private1 Michigan InfantryA  
Stephenson, W.Private11 New York InfantryC  
Stephenson, W. M.Private11 New York InfantryC  
Stevens, HenryPrivate9 Virginia InfantryB  
Stewart, RobertPrivateNew York Engineer Corps2  
Stitz, J.Private1 Michigan InfantryG  
Stone, L. H.Surgeon    
Taylor, J. F.Private11 New York InfantryD  
Taylor, J. H.Private11 New York InfantryC  
Tervilige, A.Private11 New York InfantryC  
Thomas, T.PrivateNew York Engineer Corps1  
Trask, J. N.Private1 Michigan InfantryG  
Truman, C. S.Private1 Michigan InfantryG  
Tryan, D. H.Private79 New York Infantry8  
Tuttle, James GilmorePrivate4 Michigan InfantryB10-Aug-61 @ Falls Church, VA 
Tweedy, AndrewPrivate79 New York Infantry7  
Underhill, A. M.Lieutenant11 New York InfantryG  
Vanhorn, L. F.Private11 New York InfantryB  
Walker, R.Sergeant1 Michigan InfantryC  
Ware, Charles L.Private79 New York Infantry7  
Weir, J. J.Private11 New York InfantryF  
Wherry, R.Private79 New York Infantry7  
Whipple, J.2nd Lieutenant79 New York InfantryB  
Whitcomb, Charles B.Sergeant1 Michigan InfantryC  
Wilcox, Arthur TLieutenant7 Ohio InfantryE26-Aug-61 @ Cross Lanse, VA 
Wirts, S. H. ( F. H. )Private3 Michigan InfantryF  
Withington, Wiliam HerbertCaptain1 Michigan InfantryB21-Jul-62 @ Manassas, VA 
Woodruff, William E.Colonel2 Kentucky InfantryF&S  
Worcester, F. E.Lieutenant71 New York InfantryB  

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