Union Prisoners Imprisoned in
Richland County Jail, Columbia, S. C.
during 1861 and 1862

SurName, Given NameUnit of ServiceCoRankWhere & When capturedFlag
Anderson, Cornelius W.Private11 New York InfantryH  
Anderson, JohnPrivate2 Wisconsin InfantryF  
Andrews, J.Private27 New York InfantryI  
Andrews, John H.Private20 Indiana InfantryH01-Oct-61 @ Gunboat Fanny 
Baker, RichardPrivate11 New York InfantryB  
Barnes, WilliamSailorU. S. Navy   
Barrett, LeviPrivate27 New York InfantryA27-Jul-61 @ Bull Run, VA 
Bartlett, Theodore M.Sergeant20 Indiana InfantryI05-Oct-61 @ Chicamacomico 
Baum, NapoleonPrivate20 Indiana InfantryI  
Bennett, Lucias L.Private20 Indiana InfantryHOct-1861- @ Gunboat Fanny 
Bernhart ( Bernhard ), PaulPrivate20 Indiana InfantryI05-Oct-61 @ Chicamacomico 
Berringer, JohnPrivate20 Indiana InfantryI05-Oct-61 @ Chicamacomico 
Black, WilliamPrivate79 New York Infantry8  
Black, WilliamPrivateNew York Engineer CorpsH  
Bolton, JeremiahPrivate2 Vermont InfantryB21-Jul-61 @ 1ST Bull Run 
Bowers, J. W.Private71 New York InfantryF  
Brady, NathanPrivate20 Indiana InfantryD  
Brasey ( Brossey ), LewisPrivate11 Ohio InfantryA21-Sep-61 @ Sewell Mountain, WVA 
Brester, JosephPrivate13 Ohio InfantryD  
Brooks, David S.Private2 New Hampshire InfantryK21-Jul-61 @ Manassas, VA 
Bryon, ChristopherPrivate13 Ohio InfantryA  
Burnes, RobertPrivateNew York Engineer CorpsK  
Caffer, JosephPrivate (Cook)20 Indiana InfantryI  
Carr, Thomas C.Private9 Virginia InfantryE  
Carson, JohnPrivate69 New York InfantryI  
Carson, JohnPrivate71 New York InfantryH  
Clarke, George W.Private20 Indiana InfantryC (D)01-Oct-61 @ Gunboat Fanny 
Clayton, JamesPrivate20 Indiana InfantryH  
Comly ( Comley ), Charles H.Sergeant Major20 Indiana InfantryE  
Commigore ( Commigare ), John A.Private20 Indiana InfantryF05-Oct-61 @ Chicamacomico 
Coughlin, DennisSailorU. S. Navy   
Cunningham, W. H.Private69 New York InfantryC  
Dangerfield, William H.Corporal20 Indiana InfantryA  
De Motte ( Dexmott ), Charles W.Sergeant20 Indiana InfantryI05-Oct-61 @ Chicamacomico 
Decker, ThomasPrivate11 New York InfantryK  
Dougherty, David M.Private9 Ohio InfantryG13-Apr-64 @ Florence, AL 
Drury, JohnPrivate20 Indiana InfantryI05-Oct-61 @ Chicamacomico 
Easton, Nathan B.Private20 Indiana InfantryE  
Edsall, W. H.Private9 New York InfantryG  
Edward, G.Corporal9 New York InfantryG  
Farlay, JamesPrivate2 Kentucky InfantryF  
Flostry, AlfredPrivate11 New York InfantryF  
Gerber, George W.Private & Captain's Boy20 Indiana InfantryD  
Gerraghy, P. B.Private11 New York InfantryF  
Girvan, WilliamPrivate11 New York InfantryF  
Glover, Francis M.Private20 Indiana InfantryD05-Oct-61 @ Chicamacomico 
Goldsmith, H.Private2 Rhode Island Light Artillery   
Gray, Charles CarrolMedical OfficerU. S. A. Army Manassas, VA 
Gross ( Goss ), Charles M.Private20 Indiana InfantryG05-Oct-61 @ Chicamacomico 
Guirard, JohnPrivate6 Vermont InfantryA11-Oct-63 
Gumbalton, JohnPrivate38 New York InfantryI  
Havens, J. R.Private9 New York InfantryC  
Ingles ( Ingless ), Robert A.Private20 Indiana InfantryC (D)Gunboat Fanny 
Ives, ThomasPrivate9 Massachusetts InfantryA  
Jackson, John D.Private69 New York InfantryD  
Johnson, Hiram B.Sergeant20 Indiana InfantryI  
Jones, Charles E.Private20 Indiana InfantryE05-Oct-61 @ Chicamacomico 
Jones, JohnPrivate20 Indiana InfantryIGunboat Fanny 
Kasper, MichaelPrivate20 Indiana InfantryK  
Kaufman, MichaelPrivate1 Michigan InfantryA  
Kearns, T. C.Private20 Indiana InfantryH  
Keating, MichaelPrivate69 New York InfantryE  
Keefer, Calvin W. ( E. W. )Private20 Indiana InfantryKGunboat Fanny 
Kelly, NoahPrivate20 Indiana InfantryKGunboat Fanny 
Kern, CharlesPrivate9 Ohio InfantryA16-Oct-64 @ Sewell Mountain, WVA 
Kildy, PatPrivate15 Indiana InfantryF  
Kinneard ( Kennard ), Marcus L. ( Marquis L. ( M. L. )Sergeant20 Indiana InfantryC  
Krone, Henry W.Private1 Minnesota InfantryB29-Apr-64 @ 1ST Bull Run 
Lawrence, JohnSailorU. S. NavySchooner Union  
Linan, F. F.Private14 New York InfantryH  
Lincoln, Charles E.Private1 Minnesota InfantryK29-Apr-64 @ 1ST Bull Run 
Loyd, William H. C.Private13 Ohio InfantryA  
Maddox, JosephPrivate30 Indiana InfantryF  
Mahan, JamesPrivate11 Ohio InfantryA25-Sep-64 @ Sewell Mountain, WVA 
Mahoney, DennisPrivate2 Maine InfantryI  
Maier, AdolphPrivate14 Indiana InfantryG  
Majo, BenjaminSailorU. S. Navy   
Marks, J. R.Private30 Indiana InfantryH  
Martin, W. H.Private2 Wisconsin InfantryK  
Mc Cauley, JamesPrivate2 Connecticut InfantryK  
Mc Garr, JamesPrivate11 New York InfantryK  
Merrish, JohnPrivate11 New York InfantryC  
Mitchell, A. B.Private25 New York InfantryD  
Moore, M.Private1 Michigan InfantryK  
Morrison, WilliamPrivate11 New York InfantryH  
Morrison, WilliamPrivate13 New York InfantryH  
Murphy, TimothySailorU. S. Navy   
Muster, JohnPrivate30 Indiana InfantryL  
Nason, D. B.Private2 Maine InfantryA  
Neagle, WilliamPrivate10 Indiana InfantryF  
Newell, JohnPrivate2 Rhode Island InfantryF  
Nosida, C.PrivateU. S. A. Army, 3rd RegimentA  
O'Brien, H.Private12 New York InfantryK  
Obelner, AbrahamPrivate20 Indiana InfantryC  
Oliver, JudsonPrivate27 New York InfantryI  
Oxford, EliasPrivate20 Indiana InfantryH01-Oct-61 @ Gunboat Fanny 
Page, J. V. H.Private9 New York InfantryC  
Parker, George M.Private20 Indiana InfantryE05-Oct-61 @ Chicamacomico 
Pearsoll, Henry ParentPrivate20 Indiana InfantryH01-Aug-61 @ Hatteras Inlet, NC 
Peck, V. W.Private13 Ohio InfantryD  
Peters, JamesPrivate10 Ohio InfantryC  
Phelan, WilliamPrivate38 New York InfantryI  
Probus ( Probest ), WashingtonPrivate20 Indiana InfantryD05-Oct-61 @ Chicamacomico 
Pursall ( Pearsall ), HenryPrivate20 Indiana InfantryI05-Oct-61 @ Chicamacomico 
Rammage, T.Private36 Ohio InfantryA  
Reily, LeonardPrivate20 Indiana InfantryE05-Oct-61 @ Chicamacomico 
Reith, JohnPrivate9 New York InfantryI  
Rice, JacobPrivate20 Indiana InfantryI  
Richardson, S. H.Private14 New York InfantryF  
Richland, LewisPrivateU. S. A. Army, 3rd RegimentD  
Rowan, T. S.Private9 New York InfantryC  
Ruff, LawrencePrivate20 Indiana InfantryE05-Oct-61 @ Chicamacomico 
Ryan, JamesPrivate69 New York InfantryE  
Sackett, Frederick P. ( F. B. )Musician20 Indiana InfantryHGunboat Fanny 
Schneider, Eli ( Ely )Private20 Indiana InfantryE05-Oct-61 @ Chicamacomico 
Shea, JohnPrivate11 New York InfantryH  
Shoaf ( Shoff ), JacobPrivate20 Indiana InfantryH05-Oct-61 @ Chicamacomico 
Shrack, ChristopherPrivate20 Indiana InfantryH  
Smith, James B.Private20 Indiana InfantryKGunboat Fanny 
Spoonmore, ThomasPrivate15 Indiana InfantryF  
Stacy, JohnPrivate11 New York InfantryC  
Stephenson, R. F.Private2 New Hampshire InfantryF21-Jul-61 @ Manassas, VA 
Stevens, R. F.Private2 New Hampshire InfantryI21-Jul-61 @ Manassas, VA 
Stickley ( Stuckley ), WilliamPrivate20 Indiana InfantryC05-Oct-61 @ Chicamacomico 
Stinson, JamesPrivate7 Ohio InfantryE26-Aug-61 @ Cross Lanes, WVA 
Thompson, PeterPrivate27 New York InfantryI  
Ticknal, AugustusPrivate14 New York InfantryD  
Trevatt, R.Private4 Maine InfantryI  
Trotter, FrankPrivate9 New York InfantryH  
Tuttle, J. H.Corporal9 New York InfantryC  
Unruh ( Uruh ), Henry A.Private20 Indiana InfantryC05-Oct-61 @ Chicamacomico 
Van Fleet, ThomasPrivate1 Kentucky InfantryI  
Van Horn, AbrahamPrivate20 Indiana InfantryH  
Walker, EdPrivate11 New York InfantryH  
Walsh, RobertPrivate11 Ohio InfantryA25-Sep-61 @ Sewell Mountain, WVA 
Ward, IsaacPrivate13 Ohio InfantryA06-Sep-61 @ Elk River, WVA 
Washburn, H. B.Private4 Maine InfantryH  
Watson, H.Sutler's Clerk20 Indiana Infantry   
Wendall, M. P.Private20 Indiana InfantryH  
Wilkerson, Henry C.Private20 Indiana InfantryFGunboat Fanny 
Wilson, IraPrivate11 New York InfantryC  
Wilson, JohnPrivate15 Indiana InfantryI  
Wolfkill, W. R.Private13 Ohio InfantryA  
Wyman, ThomasPrivateU. S. A. Army, 2nd RegimentC  

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