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Mike Creel

I grew up in the Hemingway area and my roots date back to James Creel (1772-1829) of Marion County. I could try to field inquiries about the Creel family in your area but please use my personal address
I am also trying to determine the husband and children of one widow named Agnes Creel or Creele who lived in St. David's Parish" and who is on record with the Welsh Neck Baptist Church. I heard she was mentioned in the minutes of the St. David's Society, but I haven't seen that record. Her name and status as a widow is mentioned in a Cheraw area land transaction.
Let me know if you need my help. I have a large working list of all the Creel descendants from James in Marion County, second wife Elizabeth Bartell, daughter of the Hessian soldier Jacob Bartell. Please refer any genealogy inquiries to my personal e-mail

Additional information on Jacob Bartell submitted by John Merz:
The Hessian soldier mentioned below was the Hesse-Kassel soldier Jacob BARTHEL, who acc. to Hetrina III#471 was born 1747/48 at Knickhagen D3501, which is now 34233 Fuldatal/Hessen, Germany, serving in the Rall Regiment.
He was still listed as a prisoner of war in Oct.1783, meaning he missed the boat home. Supposed to have settled in the Williamsburg County, South Carolina.