Bill King, Houston, TX

>The following info was provided by Bryan Howerton, Gerdes Civil War
>in e-mail message to Bill King dated 6-1-99:
>William C. Langford, who enlisted in Co. F, 19th (Dockery's) Arkansas
>Infantry, at El Dorado, Arkansas, March 1, 1862, was elected captain on
>March 1, 1862, and was relieved of duty and discharged on June 3, 1862,
>the company reorganized.  He next enlisted in Co. F, 10th
>(Crawford's) Arkansas Cavalry, at El Dorado on October 6, 1863; shown as
>present for duty on February 29, 1864; appointed regimental commissary
>officer on September 1, 1864.  He is listed in the Union County 1860
>with wife Martha L., born in Alabama, c1827, occupation listed as farmer.
>Various land patents bearing his name are listed during the period
>1849-1860.  Cemetery records list him in Bethel Baptist Cemetery in Union
>county, born September 3, 1826; died January 17, 1891.  In the census, his
>wife is listed as Martha L; however, in the pension index, his widow is
>listed as Martha A.  She filed Arkansas pension application  #4840 from
>Union county, approved August 15, 1907.
>26 vi. Newton Stanley Witherington, born December 11, 1837 in Conecuh CO,
>(Source: Blanche McCreary, Mobile, AL.); died October 18, 1883 in Johnson
>Station Cem, Tarrant County, Texas (Source: Blanche McCreary, Mobile, AL.).
>He married Rebecca Ann Smith February 06, 1862 in Jasper CO, TX (Source:
>Jack & Kay Melear, Ft. Worth, TX.).
>Notes for Newton Stanley Witherington: N. L. (?) Witherington, Male-age 10,
>born in AL, appears on 1850 Union CO, AR census with the John C. King
>family, # 839-Franklin Township. This is thought to be Newton Stanley
>Newton Stanley Witherington is found listed as a Confederate Soldier from
>Texas in research done by Virginia Witherington of Arkadelphia, AR.
>27 vii. Lucetta Calista Witherington, born February 28, 1840 in Conecuh CO,
>Alabama (Source: Jean Witherington & 1850 Union CO-Franklin Twnsp, Arkansas
>Census.); died November 23, 1889 in Buried Dallas CO, TX. She married James
>E. Norwood November 28, 1859 in Texas.
>Notes for Lucetta Calista Witherington: Leusetta Witherington, age 11, born
>in AL appears on the 1850 Union County Census living with Jno C. King
>#839-Franklin Township.
>In a letter from Lela Fletcher Kidwell to her cousin Betty Grimmett Steel
>dated Jan. 12, 1969, she states that "Aunt Lou Witherington Norwood" was
>buried at Rehoboth Cemetery in Dallas County, TX. She also indicated that
>James Norwood was killed when Grant shelled the hospital at Vicksburg.
>Notes for James E. Norwood: In Virginia Witherington's research: James
>Norwood was a Confederate Soldier from Texas. Other records indicate that
>was killed while hospitalized in Vicksburg by Union Artillery shelling the
>28 viii. Alvan Maranda Witherington, born May 02, 1843 in Conecuh County,
>Alabama (Source: Jean Witherington & 1850 Union CO-Franklin Twnsp, Arkansas
>Census.); died Unknown in Killed at Vicksburg during Civil War.
>Notes for Alvan Maranda Witherington: Alvan M. Witherington, age 8, born in
>AL appears on 1850 Union CO, AR census with the Jno. C. King family, #839,
>Franklin Township.
>Alvan Maranda Witherington is shown as a Confederate Soldier from Texas,
>is shown to have been killed at Vicksburg (info from the notes of Virginia
>Witherington). Other records from the files of the Darlington Gen Society
>(Lela Fletcher Kidwell) indicate that Alvan was in the Vicksburg Hospital
>for measles, when Grant's Union artillery fired upon the hospital, killing
>many, including Alvan Maranda Witherington and James Norwood
>29 ix. Henrietta King Witherington, born April 23, 1846 in Conecuh CO, AL
>(Source: Blanche McCreary, Mobile, AL.); died December 13, 1903 in Buried
>Maysville, Indian Territory, Oklahoma (Source: Blanche McCreary, Mobile,
>AL.). She married William Henry Percy December 18, 1862 (Source: Blanche
>McCreary, Mobile, AL.).
>8. Sarah Ann3 King (James2, Captain George1) was born August 03, 1812 in
>Probably South Carolina (Source: Betty Grimmett Steel (Tulsa) Info 8-98.),
>and died January 24, 1837 in Conecuh CO, AL (Source: Lela Fletcher Kidwell
>Research - 1950 (Stillwater, OK).). She married James Grooms , Sr. Bef.
>in Probably in Conecuh CO, AL (Source: 1850 Union CO-Franklin Twnsp,
>Arkansas Census.).
>Notes for Sarah Ann King:  Buried in Conecuh CO, AL.
>Child of Sarah King and James Grooms is:
>30 i. James4 Grooms , Jr., born January 1837 in Alabama (Source: 1860 Union
>County AR Census & Ed Gerdes Civil War Pages.).
>Notes for James Grooms , Jr.:
>James Grooms (12), son of Sarah King and (?) Grooms, is found living with
>the Jno. C. King Family in Union CO, Arkansas on 1850 Census record.
>Following his mother's death in 1837 in Conecuh CO, AL, he moved to Union
>CO, AR with the family of his uncle, John Coleman King, brother of his
>mother, Sarah Ann King Grooms. Was known by family members as "Jimmy".
>The below info is taken from the Civil War Web Pages of Edward G. Gerdes:
>Grooms, James S (could this be typo on middle initial?)
>Second Corporal, Enlisted in Co. E, 3rd Arkansas Infantry, at Champagnolle,
>Arkansas, June 20, 1861; appointed second corporal, June 20, 1861; promoted
>third sergeant, November 1862; wounded on Darbytown Road, Virginia, October
>7, 1864; promoted first sergeant; paroled at Appomattox, Virginia, April
>1865; born in Alabama, c1837; listed in Union county 1860 census;
>9. John Coleman3 King (James2, Captain George1) was born October 11, 1815
>South Carolina (Source: 1850 Union CO-Franklin Twnsp, Arkansas Census.),
>died April 09, 1891 in Union CO, AR (Wesley Chapel Cemetery). He married
>Mary Ann Green May 06, 1847 in Alabama (Source: Bible Records of Catherine
>Coleman King/J.S. King Interview 3-19-1936.). He married (2) Bettie M.
>October 18, 1868 in Union CO, AR (Source: Union County Marriage Book,
>Clayton Library.).
>Notes for John Coleman King:
>John C. King family, living in dwelling # 839 on 1850 Union CO-Franklin
>Twnsp Census. Also living with the family was Catherine Coleman King
>(71-SC), John's mother. Also living with the family was James L. Grooms
>(12-Al) and 3 Witherington children - N.L. (10-Al), Leusetta (11-Al), &
>Alvan (8-Al). 1850 Union CO census shows that 'Jno. C. King' was a farmer
>and was born in SC about 1815-16.
>Notes: (1) James Grooms was the son of Sarah Ann King, sister of John
>Coleman King.  (2) The Witherington children were children of James
>Witherington and Mary King,   sister of John Coleman King.
>Review of a Guardianship appointment of S.N. Stowe for C. Gracie King,
>dau of John C. King (deceased), dated Jan. 1, 1891 mentions "160 Acres and
>'Mansion House' located: NE1/4 Section 18, Township 18, Range 14, Union
>County, AR."
>Union County Marriage Records: 18 October 1868 - John C. King (53) Union CO
>to Bettie M. Davis (25) Union CO. Married by William S. Lacy, Minister of
>Presbyterian Church. Recorded 22 Oct. 1868, page C-073.
>In unidentified written papers taken from the bible of Catherine Coleman
>King comes the following information: "In the memorable year of 1849 when
>thousands of sturdy men with high hopes fought their way either over desert
>sands or ocean waves to the new found land of shining gold in far-away
>California, John Coleman King with his young wife, Mary, and his infant
>daughter, Sallie, bade farewell to her family in Conecuh County, AL, and
>made a less ardous journey by steamboat to found their new home in Arkansas
>where nearly three-quarters of a century later Old Mother Earth, after much
>teasing, was to pour forth a thick black stream of liquid gold. He brought
>with him his brave-hearted mother now past her three score years and ten
>tenderly he cared for her in his home until her death in her
>The writing continues: " As did many other pioneer settlers, John C. King
>landed at Champagnolle, then an important village and United States Land
>Office. His first home was near Wesley Chapel. There his mother Katherine
>used to ride to church with her little grandaughter riding behind her with
>some cookies in her reticule to apease the child's hunger during the long
>sermon. This reticule made of striped brocaded silk was treasured by the
>grandaughter for more than seventy years."
>Continuing, " John Coleman King was too old to serve as a soldier in the
>Civil War and his boys were mere children. But he did his part. He sent his
>two nephews, Jimmie Grooms and Julian Bailey, and contributed corn and
>horses without pay. The war left him poor and lonely, his wife had died,
>slaves were freed, his cotton confiscated, a friend borrowed from him
>several thousand dollars in gold and then took advantage of the 'Bankrupt
>Law'. All was changed but the strong sweet spirit of the man and that
>continuedto grow in patience and gentleness. After ther marriage of his
>youngest son (James S.), he made his home with his oldest daughter (Sarah/
>'Sallie), who years before had given up her dreams of a college education
>and kept house for him and cared for his motherless children until his
>second marriage four years later. He died April 9, 1891, in his old home
>where he was visiting his youngest son, and was laid to rest among his
>ones in Wesley Chapel Churchyard."
>Son, James Sidney King, in the 1936 interview, told a story of his father
>and Gus Witherington crossing the Mississippi River on rafts and riding
>horseback when they came to Arkansas. They passed several plantations in
>rich Mississippi Valley where the owners house, known as the 'big house',
>was set far back from the road and a big gate and a lawn were in front of
>it. King and Witherington made their headquarters at Norris Springs and
>out each day with a spade looking for rich land, but decided to go to Texas
>where Dallas now is. They later decided to come back to Union County where
>the transportation on the Ouachita River was good and they could get their
>cotton to market at New Orleans and where the land was rich."
>Notes for Mary Ann Green:  Wesley Cemetery, Union County Listing:
>Mary M. King, Born 4/2/1831, Died 8/23/1864, Wife of John C. King
>Children of John King and Mary Green are:
>31 i. Sarah Eilizabeth4 King, born September 01, 1848 in Alabama (Source:
>1850 Union CO-Franklin Twnsp, Arkansas Census.); died June 08, 1923 in El
>Dorado, Union CO, AR (Source: Bible Records of Catherine Coleman King/J.S.
>King Interview 3-19-1936.). She married Joel Henderson Lee 1877 in Union
>County, AR (Source: Union County Marriage Records.).
>Notes for Sarah Eilizabeth King: From unidentified writings found in the
>bible of Catherine Coleman King comes the following:
>"In September 1860, the baby who had been born in Alabama twelve years
>before, entered Minden Female Academy at Minden, La. Treasured by the
>are the letters to the lonely little girl by her father and mother. One
>letter describes the new home and the fine furniture and piano purchased
>her in New Orleans on her father's annual trip by steamboat to purchase
>supplies. The square ebony piano, inlaid with mother of pearl was recently
>purchased by Homer Bryant of El Dorado, who found its tone still sweet and
>Union County Marriage Index shows 1877 Marriage of Sarah E. King to J.H.
>Lee, Book 'D', Page 319.
>32 ii. William Franklin King, born March 16, 1851 in Alabama (Source: Bible
>Records of Catherine Coleman King/J.S. King Interview 3-19-1936.); died
>in Oklahoma (Source: Bible Records of Catherine Coleman King/J.S. King
>Interview 3-19-1936.). He married Sue Graves January 01, 1880 in Union CO,
>AR (Source: Union County, AR Marriage Records, Vol. II.).
>Notes for William Franklin King: Union County Marriage Records:   W.F.
>28, El Dorado to Miss Sue Graves, 20, El Dorado. Married by J.M. Hart, MG,
>on January 1, 1880. Recorded on page E-216. J.C. Wright signed as security.
>33 iii. John Frederick King, born June 04, 1853 in Arkansas (Source: Bible
>Records of Catherine Coleman King/J.S. King Interview 3-19-1936.). He
>married Minnie Harris.
>34 iv. Julia Ellen King, born August 11, 1856 in Union CO, AR (Source:
>Records of Catherine Coleman King/J.S. King Interview 3-19-1936.); died
>December 1888. She married Hudson M. Martin 1874 in Union CO, AR (Source:
>Union County Marriage Records.).
>Notes for Julia Ellen King: Union County Marriage Index, Book 'D', Page 47,
>J.E. King to H.M. Martin, 1874.
>35 v. Green Halleck King, born April 23, 1858 in Arkansas (Source: Bible
>Records of Catherine Coleman King/J.S. King Interview 3-19-1936.); died
>April 30, 1858 in Union CO, AR (Wesley Chapel Cemetery) (Source: Wesley
>Chapel Cemetery List, Union County, AR.).
>Notes for Green Halleck King: Wesley Cemetery Listing shows: G.H.K., one
>date 4-30-1858. It appears that Green King died as an infant.
>36 vi. Annie Coleman King, born August 26, 1859 in Union CO, AR (Source:
>Bible Records of Catherine Coleman King/J.S. King Interview 3-19-1936.);
>died 1926 in Calion, Union CO, AR (Source: Bible Records of Catherine
>Coleman King/J.S. King Interview 3-19-1936.). She married Samuel G. Russell
>1880 in Union CO, AR (Source: Union County Marriage Records.).
>Notes for Annie Coleman King:  Union County, AR Marriage Record Index:
'E' -
>216 shows Annie King to S. G. Russell, 1880.
>37 vii. James Sidney King, born July 14, 1861 in Union CO, AR (Source:
>Records of Catherine Coleman King/J.S. King Interview 3-19-1936.); died
>December 24, 1938 in Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery, El Dorado, AR
>(Source: Union County Cemetery Listings.). He married Callie VanHook
>February 10, 1889 in El Dorado, Union CO, AR (Source: Union County, AR
>Marriage Records, Vol. II.).
>Notes for James Sidney King:  Union County Marriage Record:  J.S. King, 25,
>El Dorado to Miss Callie VanHook, 24, El Dorado, Union County.  Married by
>J.H. Bradford, MG Methodist Church South, 10 Feb. 1889.  Recorded 11 Feb.
>1889, Page H-146. C.L. Lewis signed security bond. Family lived in El
>Dorado, AR at 1936 interview with J. S. King. Buried at Bethel Methodist
>Church north of Junction City.
>Children of John King and Bettie Davis are:
>38 i. Kate Scott4 King, born May 24, 1869 in Union CO, AR (Source: Bible
>Records of Catherine Coleman King/J.S. King Interview 3-19-1936.); died
>Unknown. She married Sid N. Stow 1889 in Union CO, AR (Source: Union County
>Marriage Records.).
>Notes for Kate Scott King: Union County, AR Marriage Index, Book 'H', Page
>146, 1889, Katie S. King to S.N. Stowe.
>39 ii. Walter Marks King, born May 24, 1875 in Union CO, AR (Source: Bible
>Records of Catherine Coleman King/J.S. King Interview 3-19-1936.); died
>October 29, 1879 in Union CO, AR (Source: Bible Records of Catherine
>King/J.S. King Interview 3-19-1936.).
>40 iii. Charlotte Grace King, born August 22, 1881 in Union CO, AR (Source:
>Bible Records of Catherine Coleman King/J.S. King Interview 3-19-1936.);
>died Unknown. She married Thomas M. Overton.
>Notes for Charlotte Grace King:  Charlotte Gracie King (Overton) lived in
>Monroe, La. at the time of the 1936 interview with J.S. King.  Petition for
>Guardianship filed in Union County, AR on 1 Jan 1891 by John C. King,
>of C. Gracie King (only minor child of Bettie M. King, deceased).  S.N.
>Stowe was appointed guardian for Gracie King on 24 Nov, 1897 in Union
>County, AR. Mentions 160 Acres and 'Mansion House' located: NE1/4 Section
>18, Township 18, Range 14, Union County, AR.
>On 10 Jan. 1898, document found at Union County Courthouse referred to
>Gracie King as "half-sister of J.S. King". This would have been James
>King, son of John Coleman King and first wife, Mary Ann Green.
>10. William Augustus3 King (James2, Captain George1) was born March 01,
>in South Carolina (Source: 1850 Union CO-Franklin Twnsp, Arkansas Census.),
>and died June 28, 1858 in Union CO, AR (Wesley Chapel Cemetery) (Source:
>UnionCounty Probate Book E- pages129 & 130 & Betty Grimmett Steel Info..).
>He married Sarah E. Bef. 1843 in Probably Conecuh CO, Alabama (Source:
>of child, Jno. T. King in 1843..).
>Notes for William Augustus King:
>Wm. A. King living in dwelling #838, Franklin Township-Union CO 1850
>He is thought to be related to the John T. King of our family line.
>Following William's death in 1858- Probate Records of Union CO E-129/130 -
>Sarah married K. D. (David) Stephens on 12 Jul 1860 in Union CO.
>1850 Union County Slave Census Book by Desmond Walls Allen shows William A.
>King living in Franklin Township, having 26 Slaves.
>The will of William A. King was recorded in Union County, AR. Appraisement
>of the William A. King estate was done on March 28, 1859 following his
>in June 1858. Total Value of the estate was
>$20,465.98. It included 524.6 Acres of land @ $6 per Acre ($3147.60), 396.6
>Acres of Swamp Land @ $2.50 per Acre ($991.50), 21 head cattle @ $5 ($105),
>55 Hogs @ $2.50 ($137.50), 1 sorrell mare @ $150, 1 mare mule @ $150, plus
>other animals. Negro Slaves: Ben $750, Phillip $1600, Drew $1500, Lancaster
>$300, Jo $200, woman/Rebecca & 3 children $2300, plus several others.
<info copied June 1999 by Bill & Lynn King on visit to Union County Court
>Guardian's Bond in the amount of $40,000, dated 20 May 1863, named J.C.
>and R.W. Lovett as Guardians and T.F. Lovett & W.C. Lovett as Securities.
>The bond named the minor children in the following order: John T., William,
>Cornelia, Octavius, Fanny & Augustus


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