Bill King, Houston, TX

>According to info from Betty Grimmett Steel of Tulsa, William Augusta (sp?)
>was the youngest child of James & Katherine Coleman King.
>From old letters taken from the bible of Katherine Coleman King, it appears
>that William Augustus was the first brother to journey from Alabama to
>Arkansas. A letter dated Jan. 1, 1845 from El Dorado to John C. King in
>Belleville, Conecuh County, AL indicates that William had been in Arkansas
>for at least several months. He speaks of much bad weather, sleet, and
>but says notwithstanding so many disadvantages, "I have put me up a split
>log house 16 by 18 and got into it the day before Christmas. I have nothing
>more to build but a wagon shelter."
>A second letter dated March 9, 1845, James King (Jr.) wrote from Society
>Hill, Darlington District, SC to his brother, John C. King at Belleville,
>to ask "whether Brother William has gone to Arkansas and if you are going
>and if any of your neighbors are going." William and some of the neighbors
>were already in Arkansas at that time.
>On June 24, 1846, William A. King wrote from Champagnolle, AR to John at
>Belleville address. He speaks of the corn crop being "uncommonly fine"
>though "my new ground is covered with green trees. He mentions two
>neighbors, Lewis Mays and William Bell.
>On Nov. 11, 1848, William A. King wrote from El Dorado, to his brother,
>in Alabama. "From your letter to me and from brother James, I suppose you
>will move in January. James has bought him a place four or five miles from
>ours, as a good a place as this section affords. I have hired James' three
>boys to help me put up some buildings to have ready by the time you come or
>as near as possible. James has picked out a place for you near mine and of
>the two, he thinks it is the best situation." " Tell mother I am glad to
>know she will be with us again and although she will not have the
>conveniences at first, she can soon get fixed and I think she will be much
>etter satisfied that she can be on those worn off hills and broom straws."
>Notes for Sarah E.:   Following the death of Wm Augustus King in June 1858,
>Sarah King married K. David Stevens on 12 July 1860 in Union County, AR.
>David Stephens family on 1860 Union CO, AR census records.
>Children of William King and Sarah E. are:
>41 i. John Thomas4 King, born Abt. 1843 in Alabama (Source: 1850 Union
>CO-Franklin Twnsp, Arkansas Census.); died November 11, 1881 in Union CO,
>(Source: Union County Administrator's Bond/Hiram King, dated 3 Dec. 1881.).
>He married Unknown Unknown.
>Notes for John Thomas King:  John T. King first appears at age 7-AL on the
>Union CO, AR, Franklin Twnsp. Census Record of 1850.  Next appears as
>King, at age 17-AL on the Union CO, Franklin Twnsp. Census Record of 1860.
>On 1860 census, 'Thomas' is shown as head of Fam #467, his father had died
>on June 28,1858. Children shown in the home were: William (11), Cornelia
>(8), Octavius (6), Fanny (5) and Augustus (3).
>Administrator's Bond of $3000 was filed on 3 Dec. 1881 at New London, Union
>County following the death of Thomas King. Hiram King is named as
>administrator. Heirs named were: Amanda King, Martha King, Bettie King &
>Marcus King. Thomas King died on 11 Nov. 1881.
>John T. King served in Confederacy with the 3rd Arkansas Regiment during
>Civil War.  Enrolled at Champagnolle, Union CO in 1861 at the age of 18, as
>a Private for the 'duration of the war'.
>Fought in most of the major battles of the war (including The Wilderness,
>Gettysburg and many others) as a member of the 3rd Arkansas Regiment
>assigned to the command of Colonel Hood of Texas.
>Was parolled at Appamatox when General Lee surrendered in 1865, holding the
>rank of Sergeant. His military service record indicates that he was
>hospitalized for wounds at least twice during the war.
>Bill King has his complete service record, obtained from Little Rock Civil
>War Archives, June 28, 1998.
>Received from the Little Rock Archives the military service cards for John
>T. King, enrolled as a Pvt. by Capt. Thomas Nolan, Co. 'E' at Chapagnolle
>June 20, 1861. His Muster-In roll indicates that he was 18 years of age
>(born about 1843), which will rule him out as being my gr gr grandfather -
>John T. King (born in Darlington District, SC in 1816). However, in
>searching our family archives, we find another John T. King (b. abt. 1843),
>son of William Augustus King (b. abt. 1816 in SC). William Augustus was the
>son of James King and Catherine Coleman. The family of this John Thomas
>lived in Union County, very near Champagnolle on the Ouachita River, where
>the enrollment took place.
>John T. King, Pvt. Soldier to 4th Sgt, Co 'E', 3rd Regiment Ark. Infantry
>John T. King (age 18) was enrolled as a Pvt. Soldier, at Chapagnolle,
>Arkansas  on June 20, 1861 by Capt. Thomas Nolan for the duration of "The
>Pvt. John T. King was mustered in at Lynchburg, Virginia on July 2, 1861.
>Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for July 2 to Aug 31, 1861- Present
>Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for Jan & Feb 1862 - Absent-sick at
>Admitted Mar 7, 1862 to Chmmborazo Hospital #1, Richmond (convalescent),
>returned to duty Mar 10, 1862
>Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for March & Apr 1862 - Present - Pvt.
>Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for Nov & Dec 1862 - Present -
>Appointed to 5th Sgt from 3rd Cpl Dec 1, 1862
>Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for Jan & Feb 1863 - Present - 5th Sgt
>Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for March & Apr 1863 - Absent, sick at
>Petersburg since Apr 7, 1863
>Admitted to CSA Gen. Hosp. Farmville, VA on Apr 18, 1863 Chronic
>'Diarrhoria'. Ret'd to duty May 5, 1863
>Reported to Duty, Co 'E', Capt. Stevens, May 5, 1863
>Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for May & Jun 1863 - Present
>Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for July & Aug, 1863 - Present
>Admitted Floyd House & Ocmulgee, Hosp, Macon, GA, wounded, Admitted Sept
>Trans to Fort Valley on Oct 3, 1863
>Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for Jan & Feb 1864 - Present
>Appears on Clothing Receipt Roll Apr 23, 1864
>Listed on Co 'E' muster roll for Apr 30-Aug 31, 1864 - Absent, wounded May
>6th. Absent with leave 20th June '64.
>Detailed S.O. #45/6 Dept/Army -VA/Lee, Feb 17, 1865
>Appears on Register of Medical Director's office, Richmond, admitted March
>3, 1865 to Barracks -'Disentery'
>Appears on list of Casualties of 3rd Ark Regt since May 6, 1864, 'wounded
>Wilderness, Virginia'
>Appears on List of Prisoners of War, belonging to the Army of the
>Confederacy, surrendered by Gen. Robert E. Lee, CSA to Lt. Gen. U. S.
>commanding Armies of the United States.  Done at Appomattox Court House, VA
>on Apr 9, 1865
>From the Ed Gerdes Civil War History Web Page
>Bryan Howerton, Researcher E-Mail: <>
>John Thomas King -- Enlisted in Co. E, 3rd Regiment Arkansas Infantry, at
>Champagnolle, Arkansas,
>June 20, 1861; promoted to third corporal and fifth sergeant; wounded in
>battle of the Wilderness (Virginia), May 6, 1864; promoted to fourth
>sergeant; surrendered at Appomattox Court-House, Virginia,
>April 9, 1865, and was paroled on April 12, 1865.
>I show him listed in the Union county 1860 census as Thomas King, age 17,
>born c. 1843 in Alabama.   He appears to have gone by the name Thomas King.
>Note:  James Grooms (cousin of John T. King) also served in the 3rd Ark
>Infantry Regiment, also enlisting at Champagnolle on June 20, 1861. He was
>the son of Sarah King Grooms, and was raised in the Union County home of
>uncle, John Coleman King.
>As far as the other two Kings in the 3rd Ark Regt Infantry, Henry F. and
>Berry H. King (born in GA). I have searched both the 1860 and 1870 Calhoun
>County Census Records with no luck in locating either. I plan to search
>Union County (1850-60-70). I also searched the printed 1850 "All Name"
>Census list (Calhoun CO), but did not discover either Henry F. or Berry H.
>King there either.
>It would seem pretty amazing for all 3 of these Kings, enrolled at
>Chapagnolle in 1861, to be parolled at the end of the war. With Co 'E'
>casualty numbers, it would be very amazing ! But possible, nevertheless.
>John T. King's cousin, William J. Witherington (brother of Martha
>was also enrolled by Capt Nolan at Chapagnolle June, 1861. Witherington was
>born 1836, so he would have been about 25 at the time. Witherington lived
>the same general area, but in South Calhoun County, down below the old
>community of Artesian, and only a few miles across the Ouachita River from
>the community of Chapagnolle in Union County.   This information has been
>developed by Bill King, Houston, TX
>42 ii. Catherine King, born Abt. 1845 in Alabama (Source: 1850 Union
>CO-Franklin Twnsp, Arkansas Census.); died Unknown. She married John B.
>Neighbors January 01, 1860 in Union County, AR (Source: Union CO Mar.
>Notes for Catherine King: Union County Marriage Index- Book 'B', Page 42,
>Notes for John B. Neighbors: John Neighbors (21) and Kate King Neighbors
>(16-AL) are found living with the William A. Bell family on the 1860 Union
>County Census, Franklin Township - Champagnolle. John neighbors married
>Catherine King, born about 1844-45, dau of Wm Augustus King.
>1860 Union County, Franklin/Champagnolle Census (taken 14 Aug 1860) also
>shows the following:
>The Children of Augustus Levan Witherington & Martha K. Lovett: Betty
>(12-AL), Sarah S. (11-AR), and Arlina Witherington (7-AR) are also found
>living in the home of William A. Bell (51-GA) and wife M.A. (41-AL).
>(Dwelling #423)
>W. B. Witherington (4-AR) is found nearby in the home of William C. Lovett
>(30-AL) and wife, E. A. (21-AL). (Dwelling #463). Lovett is likely the
>brother of Martha K. Lovett.
>Charyler Witherington (5-AR) is found in Dwelling # 464, the home of
>Lovett (41-AL) and wife, Mary (32-LA). Richard Lovett is likely the brother
>of Martha K. Lovett.
>However, all of the above Witherington children are also enumerated with
>family of Gus Witherington and new wife, Mary Emma Finch, living at Pigeon
>Hill, Union County. Evidently, following the death of Martha Lovett, the
>children also spent time in the homes of the above families.
>43 iii. William C. King, born Abt. 1849 in Union County, AR (Source: 1850
>Union CO-Franklin Twnsp, Arkansas Census.); died Unknown. He married Nancy
>C. Smith January 30, 1865 in Union County, AR (Source: Union CO Mar.
>Notes for William C. King:  Union County Marriage Record:  William C. King,
>21, Union County to Nancy C. Smith, 17, Union County. Married by William C.
>Johnson, 30 Jan. 1865. Filed 31 Jan 1865, Page B-306, Union County, AR.
>44 iv. Cornelia King, born Abt. 1852 in Arkansas (Source: 1860 Union County
>AR Census, Franklin Township.); died Unknown. She married W.A. Lovett 1890
>in Union CO, AR (Source: Union County Marriage Records.).
>45 v. Octavius King, born Abt. 1854 in Arkansas (Source: 1860 Union County
>AR Census, Franklin Township.).
>46 vi. Fanny King, born Abt. 1855 in Arkansas (Source: 1860 Union County AR
>Census, Franklin Township.); died Unknown. She married Thomas Thompson 1880
>in Union CO, AR (Source: Union County Marriage Records.).
>Notes for Fanny King: Union County Marriage Indes, Book 'E', Page 240.
>47 vii. Augustus King, born Abt. 1857 in Arkansas (Source: 1860 Union
>AR Census, Franklin Township.).
>Notes for Augustus King:  Desmond Wall Allen's Ark Death Index has a Gus
>King with date of death as 7/13/1916 in Calhoun County.
>                                                - End of BK Data -
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>Date: Friday, December 17, 1999 2:17 PM
>Subject: James King, Sr.
>>Dear Bill and Lynn
>>Here is James King, Sr. just as I got it.  There are some things that
>>me a bit but we can't have it all since we weren't there.
>>I.   James King was the son of Capt. George King and Mary Kolb.  He was
>>on 8 Mar. 1765 and died 25 Jan 1820 in Darlington S.C.  it is believed
>>he is buried near the Fountain homestead cemetery.   He married 1)
>>Padgett; dau. of John Padgett (or Paget), Sr. (died by 7 July 1815) and
>>wife Elizabeth, in Darlington  S.C.  She was born 29 Apr. 1774 and died 12
>>Oct. 1805 in Darlington S.C.  They had:
>> 1. Anna; born 30 Nov. 1795; died 3 Dec. 1798.
>> 2. Rispah; born 28 Aug. 1797; died 25 Oct. 1798
>> 3. James; born 17 Feb. 1800; married Hanna Bacot; born 1804; died 1855.
>>They had:
>>     A.  Sarah (Sallie) A.E.; born 23 Apr. 1825; died 10 May 1857 (School
>>          Teacher; married A.P. Lacoste in 1854; born 18 Dec. 1802; died
>>1862.  She was his second wife; he first married Margaret Dawson
>>           Fort.  He was a store owner in Cheraw and was 50 years old at
>>          the time of his marriage to Sarah.  Sarah and A.P. had:
>>                 a. Furman Hart Lacoste; 15 Dec. 1855 died 19 Dec. 1855
>>                 b. Margaret Dawson; born 10 Mar. and died 5 May 1857.
>>    B.  Eliza; born 15 June 1831 and died 3 Sept. 1869 married A.P.
>>          Lacoste after her sister's death (his third wife).
>>         They had:
>>                a. Florence; born apprx. 1860.
>>                b. Georgia; born 1861
>>                c.  Hannah; died march 1867.  was a seamstress.
>>                d.  Josephine; died 1866; was a seamstress..
>>                e.  Emily; birn 1830; married T.J. Taylor; he was 21; a
>>                     at Furman Univ.;  She was 42.  Mr. Taylor later
>>                     minister at Yorkville, S.C.
>>Note: much of the information on the children of James, Jr. was obtained
>>from the book by John Ardis Cawthon, THE INEVITABLE GUEST, Life and
>>of jemima Darby.  (Miss Darby left Darlington,S.C. in 1860 with her
>>to go to Louisiana.
>>4. Eliza, m. John Fountain.
>>               They had a daughter and other children...but one daughter
>>               Hannah Jane Fountain married John Lide (Lloyd) Hart for
>>               Hartsville is named).  Their dau. Frances Pugh Hart married
>>               Evander John C. Byrd the son of Evander Byrd and one of the
>>               daughters of Rachel Fountain and David Mason.
>>               (All these families are tied tightly together).
>>5. Elizabeth; born 20 July 1804; died 17 Oct. 1808.
>>James Sr. married 2) Catherine Coleman; called Caty; dau. of Rev.
>>James coleman and Rachel Kolb.(Note: that James'  mother was Mary
>>Kolb.  Somewhere I may have the answer to this relationship.
>>James and Catherine had:
>>1. Mary; born 28 oct. 1809; married James Witherington in Alabama in
>>1828,   they had:
>>        A. Loretta; married Macklin Grimmett in Ark. in 1859.  he was born
>>in             St,. Clair Co., Ala. in 1819; the son of Jacob and Martha
>>            Grimmett of Virginia.  They had:
>>                  1.J.J.
>>                   2.Twin to J.J. who died
>>                   3.Bill
>>                   4. Henrietta
>>                   5. Cordelia
>>2. Sarah Ann; born 3 Aug. 1812; married a Grooms or Groves and died in
>>3.  William
>>4. John Coleman; born 9 Oct. 1815; died in El Dorado Ark.
>>After James died, Catherine applied for guardianship of Mary, Sarah Ann,
>>William. (Equity C.E. D. minutes, Book A, June Term 1821, page 112,
>>Darlington S.C.)  James was appointed Guardian of his sister Eliza
>>On Jan. 11, 1823 , the Mechanicsville Baptist Church minutes noted that
>>James Coleman, Claricy Coleman, and Catherine King applied for a letter of
>>Dismission.  They were going "to go West".  In the same church minutes, 7
>>Mar. 1829,  a notation was made that indicated that "the west" was in fact
>>Other invormation was obtained from an unpublished manuscript by Avery E.
>>Hope this is helpful...
>>Edwin Byrd Fountain


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