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Descendants of John King, Sr.
>Wife #1  Patience Speight
>Wife #2  Zilpha Stanley

>Generation No. 1

>1. John2 King, Sr. (Captain George1) was born Bet. 1750 - 1754 in NC or SC,
 and died Bef. July 07, 1818 in Darlington District, SC (Source: Filing Date of
 the Will of John King for Probate, Darlington Dist, SC (7 July 1818).). H3
 married (1) Patience Speight Bef. 1782, daughter of Moses Speight. She was
 born Unknown in Probably Craven CO, NC, and died January 31, 1787 in Probably
 Cheraws District, SC (Source: Rev. E. Pugh's Diary (Darlington, SC).). He
 married (2) Zilpha Stanley November 01, 1787 in Cheraws (Darlington) District,
 SC (Source: Rev. E. Pugh's Diary (Darlington, SC).), daughter of Sands Stanley
 and Zilpha Edwards. She was born Abt. 1762 in Dobbs County, NC (Source: James
 O King Information, June 1999.), and died Aft. January 1813 (Source: Will of
 John King, SR, dated Jan 1813 in Darlington, SC.).
>Notes for John King, Sr.: From 'The Darlingtoniana', A History of Darlington
 County, SC by Ervin & Rudisill
>See Will Book #4, p.21 and Book #5, p.199 for the John King, Sr. will
 (Darlington, SC Public Records).
>John King Sr. lived on Swift Creek. Wife #2 was Zilpha Stanley; two of John's
 daughters: Sarah (m. Abraham Williamson) and Abigail (married Robert
 Williamson). Both Abraham and Robert were brothers of Colonel Bright
>p.119 refers to John Ellis, Pastor of Baptist Church of Mechanicsville, SC in
 1818 - John King, Witness. (This would be one year prior to his death in 1819?]
>Text: A quote from THE DARLINGTONIANA. "I, James Lide of the District of
 Darlington...for and in consideration of the regard and affection I have for
 the Baptist Church at Mechanicsville...have given unto John Ellis, pastor...a
 certain lot of land containing two the village of Mechanicsville,
 Darlington District .....Signed: James Lide, Witnesses: John King and Rasha
>p. 29-30 George King was one of Subscribers (of 169) of the $25,000
 contributed to St. David's Academy in January 1778 - at Society Hill.
>In 'Chester, SC Tombstone Records' by Louise K. Crowder (1970),
>'Fish Dam Graveyard', Fish Dam Baptist Church, Union CO, SC shows: Benjamin
 Ellis, born Nov. 1783 and died 31 December 1847. His wife, Sarah Coleman
 Ellis, born 14 January 1790 and died 15 September 1860.
>EMail Message from John Andrews, Old Darlington Dist. Gen Society on 
10/98: "Bill-  John King Cemetery, aka Fountain Cemetery.  Located 1/2 mile
 north of Black Creek near Darlington.  Local tradition indicates that Rev. War
 Soldier John King (SR) is buried here, but no stone has been found. The
 following stones were found....M.A. Fountain, J.A. Fountain, Martha E.
 Fountain, Henry King Fountain, Eliza A. Fountain, and John Fountain." 
> >From the Darlington Web Pages of Deeds of Slave Transactions:
>Hannah King, John King & Noel King
>I-276-77. Deed. Sept. 13, 1824. Hannah King, single woman, conveys all her
 interest in the estate of her father John King, including land, livestock and
 household goods and part of 12 negroes [not named], to Alexander D. McDougald,
 for $300. Wit. Abel Davis, Noel King.
>Ack. Feb. 20, 1826. Recorded Mar. 6, 1826.
>John King Estate
>         I-344-45. Mortgage. Mar. 8, 1826. Alexander D. McDugald to Geo.
 Bruce, commissioner in equity, to secure a bond of $3933, conveys to him negro
 slaves Jack, man aged about 40; Dicey, girl about 17; Willis, a boy; Nelly, a
 girl; Jack Jr.; Ann, a girl; Siller, a girl; Mourning. These negroes formerly
 belonged to the estate of John King, deceased. Also, lands of the estate of
 John King to which McDugald might be entitled in right of his wife. Conveyance
 is void if McDugald performs on the bond as intended.
>Wit. James Dove, Caleb Coker, Jr. Ack. Aug. 7, 1826. Rec. Aug. 12, 1826.
>The children of George and Mary King, all except John, are listed on a
 genealogical chart of the descendants of Johannes Kolb prepared in 1932 by
 Thomas Evans Wilson and revised in 1960. Although John King was not listed on
 the chart, in his will, Will Book #5, page 199, dated 18 Jan. 1813, proved 7
 July 1818, recorded 2 July 1819, Darlington, SC, John names his brothers,
 George and James, as his executors.  Could John King have been the son of
 Captain George King by a prior marriage??
>George and his wife, Mary Kolb, are buried in the Welsh Neck Baptist Church
>EMail Message from Gayle Rowlett:  Found this in the book Darlington County,
 SC A Pictorial History , by Horace Fraser Rudisll.
>"A trading post, boat landing, and village emerged on the west bank of the Pee
 Dee in the Welsh Neck which by the late 1750's came to be known as Long Bluff.
 (The closest town to what was Long Bluff, is now Society Hill.) With the seat
 of the provincial government in Charles Town, there was considerable demand
 during the 1750's and 1760's for local courts. Finally in 1769, the judicial
 district of Cheraws was created and provision made for a court house and jail.
 Long Bluff and Cheraw Hill actively competed to become the site for the
 proposed court house with Long Bluff the victor. The court house was built and
 the first session was held there in November 1772.
>The new county was to be governed by justices of the county court, who were
 lawfully empowered to " erect, or cause to be erected and kept in good repair,
 a good and convenient court house with necessary jury rooms, and one good and
 sufficient county goal of such materials, workmanship, size and dimension as
 the justices shall order and appoint...together with a whipping post and
 stocks...and they shall have the power to purchase or receive by donation two
 acres of land, wheron to erect the county buildings for the use of such
 county...." John King donated two acres of land from his plantation as a
 compromise site for the court house."
>Now from: Darlingtoniana, A History of People, Places and Events in Darlington
 County, South Carolina edited by Eliza Cowan Ervin and Horace Fraser Rudisill,
 page 12:
>"The site selected for the courthouse was owned by a Mr (John) King who lived
 on the hill of Swift Creek, in the house now occupied by the Misses Fountain.
 The house at that time was in front of where it now stands, the body of the
 house in the street. From the end windows one could see the public square in
 front of the court house."   There were KING-FOUNTAIN connections in early
 Darlington District.
>Footnote 2---John King, Sr., who died in 1819. His wife was Zilpha Stanley:
 two of his daughters, Sarah and Abigail, married Abraham and Robert, brothers
 of Colonel Bright Williamson.  Sarah and Abigail were half-sisters, born of
 different mothers.
>Will books 4,p. 21, and 5, p.199; and Equity Roll 80, Public Records of
 Darlington County, SC.
>pg. 16 and 17 (descriptions of early Darlington)
>"The house of Mrs. Charles A. Dargan was built by E.H. Lide in 1834, and sold
 next year by him to Mrs. E. Bacot. About the same time E.A. Law had his house
 built. The house now standing at the depot was there when the village was
 first located. It was then owned by Mr. King, (33) a brother of the gentleman
 who owned the lands where the Court House was located."
>Footnote (33)
>In 1812, John Gee conveyed to John Gibson a tract of land near Darlington
 village ".....whereon Capt. George King resided....", Deed Book CD, p. 204,
 Public Records of Darlington County.
>There's lots more including Rev James Coleman, Big Billy King and Factory
 Billy King.
>From: Gayle Rowlett 6/18/99 << >>
>EMail message from James O. King dated 7/30/99: "Most of the George Kings
 mentioned are not ours based on time and date.  There is one tid bit of info
 that raised my curiosity - the two marriages of George King: 1st to a Miss
 Hiss  and 2d to Mary Hannah.  Mary Hannah should be Mary Kolb.  I want to
 look at the sources in the lineage.  It appears to be our Capt. George King. 
 I have suspected that Capt. George King was married twice and that John was a
 son of the 1st marriage since he was not on the Kolb Chart, yet refers in his
 will to brothers George and James.  Now we need to try to find a Hiss family
 and see if the children of that marriage can be identified. That may be answer
 to John's omission in that Kolb Chart."  Jim King.
>EMail message from James O. King dated 9/6/99: "Sarah King, dau of John King
 was the child of his first wife - Patience Speight, as was Nancy and John
 King.  Abigail was the dau of Zilpha Stanley.  Both Sarah and Abigail md
 Williamsons."  Jim King.
> >From James O. King dated 22 Aug, 2001:  "I understand the conclusion of
 Rudisill. I think that it is more plausible that John King, Sr. was the child
 of a previous marriage of Capt. George King. The age of John would make it
 rather unlikely that he was a brother. John was closer to the ages of Rev.
 George, Henry and James. As I recall there is a reference in his will
 to 'brother George'. Since John is not mentioned as a child of Capt. George in
 the Wilson (Kolb) chart, it is a suggestion to me that he was not a child of
 the Kolb marriage. I will send you a copy when I find the affidavit. In it,
 the widow of John Windham, of Darlington County, states that he served in the
 Revolutionary War under the command of Capt. George King in the Battle of
 Charleston." Jim King


>From the files of:
William R. King,   Houston, TX
Researching:  KING, KOLB, COLEMAN and related families of Old Darlington
District, SC


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