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NAME: Micheal Kirby

NOTE: This is the Deed Gift will of Margaret Kerby wife of James Kerby the family was from the Darlington district Sparrow Swamp and Lake Swamp areas. James Kerby died in 1814 but Margaret lived until 1840's. In her old age she moved in with her son Nelson Kerby who was living in Sumter district in 1840. There she wrote the following deed gift will. This document is in Deed Book KK pg 267 in Sumter Court House. It is overlooked by many Kirby researchers because of the location. Most expected her to be in Darlington county.

DATE: September 10, 2005

Recorded 23rd December 1840

Margaret Kirby/Kerby to her Children Deed Gift

State of South Carolina} Know to all men by these presents that Sumter District } I Margaret Kerby Of the state and district of the aforesaid for and in consideration of love and good will and Natural affection which I have to bear towards my children as well as to make a more equal division of the remnant of my estate as some have already had the benefit of more than others. Have gratuitously given granted received and released and by their presents do gratuitously give grant convey and release unto John Kerby one Negro boy named Isaac to be given unto his possession now that the said John Kerby is to pay to George Kerby in the year 1842 fifty dollars in notes.

Also unto Nelson Kerby my third grant of land which my deceased husband James Kerby left at his decease now lying in Darlington district on Long Branch on the Northern on the north and south sides. And one Negro woman Linesa. All to go unto his the possession now.

Also unto Samuel Kerby a Negro boy named Jerry to go unto his possession now.

Also unto Elizabeth Hickson a Negro boy named Henry to go into her possession now. She to give to George Kerby in 1842 one hundred and fifty dollars in notes, also unto Leiuans Tomlinson one bed and bed stand to be delivered to her at my decease also unto George Kerby two hundred dollars to be given to him on 1842 by John Kerby and Elizabeth Hickson as on the above stated.

Also, unto Nancy Esom, Molly Chandler Leiuans Tomlinson, William Kerby, Benjamin Kerby, Margaret Philips, James Kerby jr. Jerusia Revell and Abraham Kerby one dollar each to be paid to them by my son Nelson Kerby when called for after my decease.All of the above property to my above named children as above stated to them and their heirs siblings forever. Interlined in the 13th and 14th lines freom the top on the other side with the words George Kerby in the place of Elizabeth Hickson also in the 21st line from the top on the other side with the word Jerry in place of Dofs.

I also nominate and appoint my son Nelson Kerby a trustee to attend to the distribution of the above property to the named persons as above directed and to take care of and support myself during the balance of my lifetime. In witness where of I have here unto set my hand and seal this 8th day of February in the year 1840.

Signed sealed and delivered             Margaret Kerby

In the presents of                                             X
Henry J Abbott                                               mark
Wm Sanders
B Sanders

South Carolina}  Personally appeared before me Henry I Abbott 

Sumter District} he was present and do said Margaret Kerby 
signed and do deliver the written conveyance for the use 
and purpose there in mentioned that Wm Sanders and B Sanders 
with himself witness the execution there of.

Sworn before me                                  Henry J Abbott
8th day of Feb 1840           Recorded 23 December 1840
J C Rhame 

Recorded in Deed Book KK Page 267
Sumter Courthouse 


NAME: Benoit Hancock
DATE: Apr 11 2000
SURNAMES: QRYTEXT: I have info on Benjamin Kirby and Deborah Pilkington of Darlington County (District). I tried to e-mail Roger (or Robert) Clinton Kirby who requested info in 1998 to no avail. If he or others are still interested, drop me a line.