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NAME: Jason Wright


Will of Caid Kirven
In the name of God Amen, 

	I Cade Kirven of Darlington District & State of South Carolina. Being weak of
body but of sound & Perfect mind and memory do make and publish this my last
will and testament in manner and from following.
	That is say I give to Present wife all that tract of land commencing at the
stream everlasting and running to the back line thence to the corner near
William Williams mill dam, then down everlasting to the commencement that is to
say I give this tract of land to my present beloved wife the named land during
her life time or widowhood and after her death or marriage to belong to my law
full children which she has by me. Likewise I give and bequeath to my wife
during her lifetime or widowhood three Negroes which I call Charles and his wife
Billow and nearer their youngest daughter. That is to say as long as she is my
widow after her marriage or death to belong to the Children which she has by me.
Like wise one horse buck and one mare. Along with my riding chair with the
harness. Like wise two cows with their calves to be chosen by herself. For her
to take care of the white heifer which I gave to my daughter Caroline. Also two
white sows with there fifteen pigs also the bed which she made since our
marriage with the furniture belonging to it with what she brought in by our
marriage. All the above named property such as the land with its lines as I have
named above the Negroes. The horse and mare, ridding chair with harness, cows
calves of her own choice sows and pigs the bed she made since our marriage with
the furniture belonging to it, with all the kitchen furniture to be to Martha
Kirven my lawful wife so long as her widowhood or lifetime, at the expiration of
either to belong to my lawful heirs by her. 

	Except the property which she brought in by our marriage this I now renounce
any more claim she is to do as she pleas with it.
	To my son Alfred I give and bequeath as follows, The land on which my dwelling
house now stands line commencing at the everlasting then running the new made
line out to the back line through the plantation then down the old line to Rocky
Branch then including all the Runnels Tract running down Rocky Branch to the old
line to long head then to the new line to black creek then up black creek to
everlasting up everlasting to the new made line. This above named land I give to
my son Alfred Kirven with all that Appertained there unto also one bed and bed
furniture to my son Alfred. Likewise tow Negroes called Simon and Frankie
	Notice Alfred Kirven is not to turn his step mother out until he prepares her a
comfortable dwelling on the land which I have given her. 

	I also give and bequeath unto my son William Kirven one hundred acres of land
beginning at Thomas Masons line and running up black creek and out the back line
until it make the number of acres before mentioned to him his lifetime and then
to be the property of his lawful heirs. 
	I also give to my son John Kirven all the land lying between William Kirven or
the new made line near the long head on both sides of Rocky Branch. 
	Also I give and bequeath all the land which I own between black creek and
everlasting to my daughter Verzilla Ross. Also two Negroes, Peg and Little, Adam
Billows youngest child. 

	I also give and bequeath to my daughter Martha King two Negroes Amos and Sarah.
I also give and bequeath to Elizabeth Goodson my daughter two Negroes Sook and
Sam. I give and bequeath to my son John Kirven a Negro man named Ben. 

	I also give and bequeath to my son Stephen Kirven a Negro man named Adam. I
also give and bequeath my Negro man York to Lyda Colvens children of my executor
to dispose of him as they seem best for the orphans. All the stock except what I
have not given away to my wife is to be sold and all the working tools except
what she needs the rest to be sold. Let it be known no division of the Negroes
is to take place amongst the children nor the land until my lawful debts are
paid. The land except the new ground field and Gin house these are for the
widow. The rest of the plantation to be rented out and the Negroes hired out
until my lawful debts is paid. 

	Witness where of I have unto set my hand and seal this Twenty Second day
October in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and Twenty-Eight.
Signed sealed published and delivered by the above named Cade Kirven to be his
last will and testament in the presence of us who have here unto subscribed our
names as witnesses in the presence of the testor 

William Kirven 					Caid Kirven (Seal) 

Thomas Kirven 

Thomas X Goodson

Notice, there is provision to be left on the plantation for the support of those
set on the premises 

Recorded in Will Book 7 Page 345
Apt, A. Pkg. 455