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Will of Richard Rollings

State of South Carolina
Darlington District

 In the name of God Amen.--- I Richard Rollings of the State & District 
 aforesaid, knowing it is appointed unto all men once to die do make constitute
 & ordain this my last Will and Testament and first of all I command my Soul
 into hand of God, who gave it, and my body I commend to the Earth from which
 it came from to be buried in a decent Christian like manner, at the discretion
 of my Surviving friends & Executors.--- 

 And as touching Such Worldly Estate with which it hath pleased God bless me, I 
 give bequeath, and dispose of in manner and form following To wit.---

 Item 1st  I give to my Wife Ann Rollings the following real and personal
 Estate, That is to during her natural life or whilst She shall remain my
 Widow, namely one negro girl Moriah two feather beds and furniture one Horse
 worth seventy five Dollars, two Cows and calves, Twenty Dollars worth of Hogs
 and so much household & kitchen furniture as shall enable her to keep House,
 also provisions for her support one year from my decease, I also give to my
 said Wife my dwelling House & one hundred and twenty five acres of land upon
 which the Said house is situated, bounded North by lake Swamp West by lands of
 Elias Sansbury & South & East on land of my Estate so as to be thrown into a
 Square all of which She my said Wife I wish possess and enjoy as aforesaid
 during her life or widowhood.---

 Item 2d  I do here by deposit in the Hands of my Executors for the Special use 
 of my Daughter Polly McCullars an equal portion of my Estate, Except herein
 after Specified--- not wishing her husband to have any control over the Same,
 which Said moiety (?) I wish to be equally divided amongst her children after
 her decease.  Should any remain unanswered by her during her life time---

 Item 3d  I have mention that I have already given my Son Gregory Rollings that
 part of my Lands & Estate which I design him to have which he has long
 possessed & occupied.---

 Item 4th  It is my will and desire and I do hereby direct my Executors to pay
 over my grand children the sum of fifty dollars each (that is to say) to
 Laffalet Josiah Wiles Rollings Susanna E Ellenr Rollings David James
 Whittington Sansbury and Jarrett Wilson Sansbury as they may become of age or

 Item 5th  It is my will that the remainder of my land be equally divided 
 between my Sons Richard and John & my daughter Ann Rollings That portion
 designed for my son Richard I intend laying off to him myself which will be
 confirmed to him by this my Will the balance to be divided between my son John
 & my daughter Ann, and Should they not agree on a dividing line, that then my
 Executors are to call on two disinterested men to make the division.---

 Item 6th  It is my will and desire that all the residue of my property after
 paying my Just debts be equally divided amongst my five Surviving children
 namely Gregory Rollings That portion left in the hands of my Executors for my
 daughter Polly McCullars Richard Rollings, Ann Rollings, and John Rollings to
 be divided in manner & form following (to wit) my Executors to be here in
 after named  Shall select three Prudent disinterested men & call upon them to
 lay out my property in five Equal lots and which shall be drawned (by a child)
 which shall be delivered over unto them as aforesaid, for which they shall
 render vouchers to my Executors.---

 Item 7th  I have given my wife a life time inheritance in a part of my real &  
 personal property (or during her widowhood)  It is my will that Same be
 equally divided amongst my Three children by my said wife (to wit) Richard Ann
 & John Rollings at her marriage or decease & in case one or more of the said
 named children should die that they the Same property Shall be divided amongst
 the Survivors Equally---

 Item 8th  And in the close of this my last Will and testament I do nominate 
 constitute & appoint & by these present have nominated constituted &   
 appointed my wife Ann Rollings Executrix and my sons Gregory Rollings and
 Richard Rollings my Lawful Executors who I hope & desire will act in
 administration & Executors this my will, aforesaid

 In witness whereof I have hereunto 
 Set my hand & seal this Eighteenth 
 day of March in the year of our
 Lord one Thousand Eight hundred
 and Thirty Seven & Sixty first
 year of the Independence of the 
 United States of America---
 ------his mark
 Richard X Rollings (seal)

 Signed, sealed & executed
 the day and year written in
 the presence of us the 
 subscribing witnesses here
 have subscribed as witnesses 
 in the presence of each other  
 Jno. T. Wilson
 James E. Hill
 James C. Furman
 J. Woods

Recorded in Will book 8 page 555
Recorded July 26th, 1838
W. M. Hunter Ordinary D. D.