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Kershaw, SC 1846
SC Will Transcriptions
Not Recorded Wills pages 101, 102
From microfilm

The State of South Carolina)
Darlington District        )
		I Burel Segars of the District and State aforesaid do make publish and
ordain my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all Willes and Testaments
by me made hare to fore
1  I direct my Executor herein after named to pay all my just debts
2  I give devise and bequeath my whole Estate both Real and personal to
Edney Benett and her Children James Wiley Segars John Segars Richard Segars
Elizabeth Segars (now the wife of Wesley King) Eliza Segars Shair and Shair
alike the partition to be made at the time and in the manner hereinafter
3  I desire my Executor hereinafter named to keep my Estate together for the
benefit of my said Legatees until the youngest Living Shall arrive at the
age of twenty one years or marry and then I desire my Executors to Select
not lefs than three or more than five Respectable disinterested gentlemen
who shall devide the Same or Sell and devide part or Sell part as they may
deem best without the interference of any court of Law or Equity and should
any of my said Legatees die and as many as die before the partition made
Leaving neither wife or husband nor child Living then I desire that my
Estate be devided among those who are still Living Shair and Shair alike the
Wife Husband or child of the deceased Legatee taking the Share the deceased
wold be entitled to Receive if Living in the proportion directed by the
Statute of distribution----------
4  My Executors are Required and authorised to Suport the Said Legatees and
devises out of the profits of my Estate as fore as it can be don untill
partition made and to clothe and educate


each Suitable to his or her condition they are further autherised and
empowered to Sell or dispose of any part of my Estate that they may deem
advisable for the benefit of my Legatees and out of the proceeds in Such
other property as they may deem advisable the property so bough or swapped
to be Subject to the provisions of this will
5  Should the Said Edney Benett mary and any unpleasant difficulty arise so
that She and her Children mentioned can not live together peaceably I desire
her children to live at my plantation and Residence if Either live their
6  I nominate constitute and appoint my beloved Sones James w. Segars John
Segars and Richard Segars executors of this my Last Will and Testament in
witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & Seal this the 24th day of
march 1846 in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and forty Six
and the Seventeith of American Independence
Signed Sealed pronounced and
declared by the Testator as his )
Last will and Testament in our  )
presence who in his presence and)   Burrell Segars (L.S.)
at his Request have Signed our  )
names hereunto                  )
Silas Hallmon [Hallamon?]       )
Thomas Atkinson                 )
Duncan Leslie                   )
Micagah Thomas                  )

(True copy of will filed in Darlington District)

Apt 61 Pkg 2184
[Note: Typed from microfilmed copy including typos and misspellings.