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NAME: Jason Wright


Will of Marion Cleveland Smith
State of South Carolina,
County of Darlington.

	I, Marion C. Smith, of Darlington County, State of South Carolina, hereby do
make, ordain, publish and declare this as and for my last will and testament,
hereby expressly revoking all wills and instruments of a testamentary nature
heretofore by me made:

Item I, I direct that my executor hereinafter named shall pay all my just debts
and funeral expenses with the first moneys coming into his hands; and it is my
will that my Executor shall expend not exceeding the sum of Five Hundred Dollars
($500.00) for my funeral expenses.

I here wish to state that I have requested Sonoco Products Company, in
connection with the retirement from my employment with that firm, to loan or
advance to me the sum of Fourty-six and 80/100 Dollars ($46.80) per month to
supplement payments to me through my insurance retirement or annuity payments,
and also have requested said firm to make payments for me of insurance premium
on insurance on my life. I direct that my Executor pay in full to Sonoco
Products Company, following my death, the amount of all suck advances and/or

Item II, I will and bequeath the following items: 
Unto my son James Marion Smith, my Kitchen cabinet, and my watch and chain;
Unto my Wife, E. Victoria Stokes Smith, my Sonoco 20-year service emblem now set
in a ring; 
Into my Sons, Sim Cleveland Smith, Boyd R. Smith and James Marion Smith, my
clothing and waering apparel, and my carpentry tools and garden tools.

Item III, I will and bequeath unto my wife E. Victoria Stokes Smith, the sum of
Five Hindred Dollars, together with all my househeld furniture and household
effects, other than that bequeathed under Item II of this my will. The
previsions for my said wife in this Item III shall be in lieu of dower.

Item IV, All the rest and residue of my property and estate not herein before
disposed of, and wheather real, personal or mixed and wheresoever situate, I
will, devise and bequeath unto my children; Marie Smith Morris, Lula Smith
Bullard, Sim Cleveland Smith, Boyd Rivers Smith, Janie Smith Perdue and James
Marion Smith, share and share alike, and in fee simple.

Item V, I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint C. W. Coker, of Hartsville,
SOuth Carolina, as Executor of this my will and direct that no bond shall be
required of him in connection with such service.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto sat my hand and seal this the 17th day
October, 1950

Marion C. Smith ( Seal )

Signed, sealed, published and declared by Marion C. Smith as and for his last
will and testamnet, in the presence of us who at his request and in the presence
and in the presence of each other have subcrubed our names as witnesses:


M. Mcleod Marshall

Emodene Davis

Virginia Walters

Proof of Will
The State of South Carolina,
Darlington County.
In the Court of Probate

By E. W. Fountain, Esq., Judge of Probate for said County.
Personally appears M. McLeod Marshall, woh being duly sworn, says that he saw
Marion C. Smith sign, seal, publish, and declare the annexed instrment of
writin, bearing date the 17th day of October, A.D. 1950 to be and contain his
Last Will and Testment; that the said Marion C. Smith was then of sound and
disposing mind, memory and understanding, according to the best of deponent's
knowledge and belief; and that the said M. McLeod Marshall together with Emodene
Davis and Virginia Walters at the request of the testator in his resence, and in
the presence of each other, witnessed the due execution thereof.

	Sworn to before me, this thirtienth day of December 1952
					M. McLeod Marshall
					E.W. Fountain 
						Judge of Probate, Darlington County, South Carolina

Order Admitting Will  to Probate in Common Form

	On hearing the above petition of C. W. Coker it is hereby ordered, adjudged and
decreed, That the petition be granted and the said Last Will and Testament, of
Marion C. Smith, Deceased be entered of Porbate in Common Form
	Given under my hand and the seal of the Court of Probate, this 30th day of
December, 1952          E. W. Fountain

Qualification Fiduciary
The State of South Carolina, 
Darlington County.

	I do solemly swear, that this writing contains the true Last Will of the
within-named Marion C. Smith deseased, so far as I know or believe; and that I
will well and truly execute the same, by paying first the debts, and then the
legacies contained in the said Will as far as his goods and chattels will
thereunto extend and the law charge me, and that I will make a true and perfect
inventory of all suck goods and chattels; so help me God.

	Sworn to before me, this thirtieth day of December 1952
					C. W. Coker