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Will of Sarah Snipes

South Carolina  

In the name of God, Amen.  I Sarah Snipes of Darlington District in the State 
aforesaid, widow, being of sound mind, memory & firm understanding, do make 
this my last will & testament in manner & form following, that is to say : -
Imprimus, I will, order & direct that all my Just debts & funeral charges by 
paid by my executors out of my Estate.

Item, I give & bequeath unto my daughter Mary D. Hawes, wife of Doctor Oliver 
Hawes of the district aforesaid, my mahogany Knife case, with what Knives & 
forks may be thereto belonging, at the time of my death, a pair of plated
candlesticks, all my household & kitchen furniture, except my mahogany 
Bedstead, one feather Bed, one mattress, one boulster & two pillows, one pair 
of sheets & a pair of pillow cases, also two of my best quilts, likewise my 
mahogany desk, a large hair, trunk, which said excepted articles I give & 
bequeath unto my son William Shaw Snipes - except also such articles as
hereinafter given away.

Item, I give & bequeath unto my Grand - daughter Olivia Sarah Hawes, half dozen
Silver Table spoons, my silver ladle, also my mahogany half chest of drawers,
my mulatto girl named, Sheba, with her future issue and increase & the one half
of my wearing apparel I may do possessed of.-  And whereas my said mulatto
Girl, Sheba, is named in a deed of gift of sundry negroes, which I gave
sometime past unto my son, William Shaw Snipes, to be delivered to him after my
death, my will & desire is that, that in case my son should refuse to permit 
the said mulatto girl, Sheba, to go to my said Granddaughter according to my 
will, then & in that case, I will & direct that my Executors shall purchase,
out of the property herein bequeath to my said son, a negro girl of equal 
value with the mulatto Girl, Sheba, which negro girl, so to be purchased, I
give and bequeath unto my said Grand-daughter Olivia Sarah Hawes.

Item, I bequeath unto my Grand-daughter Mary Ann Elizabeth Hawes, eleven silver
tea spoons & silver sugar tongs, with one half of the wearing apparel I may die
possessed of.  

Item, I give & bequeath unto each of my Grand-children, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Hawes & _____  Oliver Hawes, one negro girl about twelve years of age to be
purchased by my executors herinafter named, whenever they can do so (without 
injuring my estate) from the proceeds of the crops, but in case either of my
grand children, hereinbefore mentioned die a minor and without issue, then, I
give the property herein before bequeathed to the one so dying, to my surviving
grand children.

Item, I give & bequeath to my daughter Mary B Hawes, Doctor Oliver Hawes & their
children & to my sisters Elizabeth Harvey & Rebecca Powe, each of them a suit 
of mourning clothes.

Item, I give bequeath & devise unto my son William Shaw Snipes, my bricklayer
negro named Fortune, in lieu of the mulatto girl, Sheba, herein before given to
my grand-daughter Olivia Sarah Hawes, also the following negro slaves, named
Jenny & child, Nancy, Isaac, Maria, Old Teney, little Toney, Ismael, Guy, Sam,
Pamela, Manamia (?), old Guy, with the future issue of the females, also my
plantation purchased of Murdock McRae, situate in the district & state
aforesaid, with all my plantation, tools, stock of cattle, horses, hogs &
sheep, also the rest & residue of my estate both real & personal, but in the 
case my said son, William Shaw Snipes, should die before he arrive at the age
of twenty years and without issue, then & in that case, my will is that the
property hereinbefore bequeathed & devised to my said son, shall go to such of
my Grand-children as shall be living at the death of my said son, equally to be
divided between them, to be held by my said son, & in the case of his death as
aforesaid by my said grand children their heirs & assigns.  But in case I 
should have no grand children living at the death of my said son as aforesaid,
then & in that case I give, devise & bequeath the property herein before given
to them unto my daughter Mary B.Hawes her heirs & assigns & in case all my said
children & grand-children should die without leaving a child or children to 
inherit the property herein before devised & bequeathed then & in that case I
give devise & bequeath the same unto my sisters Elizabeth Harvey & Rebecca Powe
their heirs & assigns--

Item, Lastly, I do hereby nominate constitute & appoint Doctor Oliver Hawes,
Doctor George Ford & Thomas Ford executors of this my last will & testament,
hereby revoking & making void all & every other will & wills at any time
heretofore by me made, and do declare this to be my last will & testament -
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this __ day of January 
of the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eleven.

Signed, Sealed declared & published by the above named Sarah Snipes as & for 
her last will & testament in the presence of us who, at her request & in her
presence here subscribed our names as witness thereto 

						Sarah Snipes (seal)

Stephen Ford
Elizabeth N.(?) Sessoms (?)
Anna B. Sessoms (?)

Recorded in Will Book 6, page 147
Recorded Feb 18th, 1831
Eleaser Waterman Ordinary D. D.
Apt. A, pkg. 659 (?)