Lancaster County SC
Federal Census of 1810
"B" Surnames

SurNameGiven NamePage NumberMales Under 10Males 10 to 16Males 16 to 26Males 26 to 45Males Over 45 Females Under 10Females 10 to 16Females 16 to 26Females 26 to 45Females Over 45 All Other Free PersonsSlavesNARARollSNDX
BACKMANWood6              M-25261B250
BAILEYJames, Jr.7              M-25261B400
BAILEYWilliam, Jr.7              M-25261B400
BAILEYWilliam9              M-25261B400
BAILEYCanady/Kanid10              M-25261B400
BAILEYJoshua10              M-25261B400
BAKERJohn4              M-25261B260
BAKERElijah7              M-25261B260
BAKERWilliam7              M-25261B260
BALDAINSamuel7              M-25261B435
BARKLEYJohn300201 00000 05M-25261B624
BARKLEYWilliam411201 02111 19M-25261B624
BARKLEYThomas7              M-25261B624
BARRNathaniel312021 00020 00M-25261B600
BASKINSWilliam410010 30201 03M-25261 
BEATYJohn321210 20010 01M-25261B300
BEBBYJohn6              M-25261B000
BECKJohn, Jr.5              M-25261B200
BELLJoshua401101 02201 00M-25261B400
BELLAbner5              M-25261B400
BELLArthur7              M-25261B400
BELLJohn7              M-25261B400
BENSONAndrew8              M-25261B525
BESTBenedict431301 11010 00M-25261B230
BESTJohn414101 21010 01M-25261B230
BETHWalter5              M-25261B300
BETTISFrancis7              M-25261B320
BIARDJames11              M-25261B630
BIBBYNathaniel611012 51010 00M-25261B000
BILKJohn11              M-25261B420
BILLAlexander5              M-25261B400
BILLGeorge11              M-25261B400
BILLISFrancis7              M-25261B420
BLACKHugh3              M-25261B420
BLACKJohn6              M-25261B420
BLACKThomas6              M-25261B420
BLACKMANJames, Jr.3              M-25261B425
BLACKMANJoel3              M-25261B425
BLACKMANJohn3              M-25261B425
BLACKMANWilliam3              M-25261B425
BLACKMANJoseph5              M-25261B425
BLACKMANBritton610010 00100 00M-25261B425
BLACKMANHarbard6              M-25261B425
BLACKMANJohn6              M-25261B425
BLACKMANJohn, Sr.11              M-25261B425
BLACKMONJames Sr431201 10010 09M-25261B425
BLACKMONJonathan610010 31010 00M-25261B425
BLACKMONWood612001 32010 00M-25261B425
BLAIRWilliam301101 00201 03M-25261B460
BLAIRGeorge5              M-25261B460
BLAIRJohn5              M-25261B460
BLUESamuel6              M-25261B400
BOCODINWilliam4              M-25261B235
BOOKERJoseph7              M-25261B260
BOUTONJohn5              M-25261B350
BOWDAINSimon5              M-25261B350
BOWDAINJohn J.10              M-25261B350
BOWERSJohn8              M-25261B620
BREWERJohn4              M-25261B600
BREWERAnna7              M-25261B600
BROWNWilliam10              M-25261B650
BUCKALOOJames8              M-25261B240
BUCKALOORichard10              M-25261B240
BURDENJohn411010 11010 21M-25261B635
BURKENJoseph10              M-25261B625
BURNSJohn6              M-25261B652
BYRANJohn5              M-25261B650

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