Lancaster County SC
Federal Census of 1810
"D" Surnames

SurNameGiven NamePage NumberMales Under 10Males 10 to 16Males 16 to 26Males 26 to 45Males Over 45 Females Under 10Females 10 to 16Females 16 to 26Females 26 to 45Females Over 45 All Other Free PersonsSlavesNARARollSNDX
DARNELLWilliam6              M-25261D654
DAVIDRobert4              M-25261D130
DAVISRobert320010 02110 00M-25261D120
DAVISWellington330010 12100 00M-25261D120
DAVISJohn4              M-25261D120
DAVISDavid7              M-25261D120
DAVISONJohn10              M-25261D125
DAVISONWilliam10              M-25261D125
DEASONJames420010 22010 00M-25261D650
DEASONBenjamin5              M-25261D250
DEASONAbraham7              M-25261D250
DEASONEdmund7              M-25261D250
DENSONSarah6              M-25261D525
DENTONJames7              M-25261D535
DEUSONWilliam7              M-25261D250
DICKEYNancy6              M-25261D200
DOBYJoseph5              M-25261D100
DOORMillenton3              M-25261D600
DOUGLASJames410001 00201 09M-25261D242
DOUGLASSamuel420110 10010 08M-25261D242
DOUGLASSAlexander4              M-25261D242
DOUGLASSRobert7              M-25261D242
DRAFFENWilliam11              M-25261D615
DRAFFINJohn311010 12010 01M-25261D615
DUNCANIsaac5              M-25261D525
DUNLAPRobert310010 00010 02M-25261D541
DUNLAPSamuel A. Sr321030 11010 04M-25261D541
DUNLAPJohn4              M-25261D541
DUNLAPRobert, Sr.4              M-25261D541
DUNLAPGeorge5              M-25261D541
DUNLAPMary5              M-25261D541
DUNLAPSamuel5              M-25261D541
DUNLAPThomas5              M-25261D541
DUNLAPJames11              M-25261D541
DUNLAPWilliam11              M-25261D541
DUNNAVENWilliam11              M-25261D515
DURNALLJames11              M-25261D654

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