Lancaster County SC
Federal Census of 1810
"F" Surnames

SurNameGiven NamePage NumberMales Under 10Males 10 to 16Males 16 to 26Males 26 to 45Males Over 45 Females Under 10Females 10 to 16Females 16 to 26Females 26 to 45Females Over 45 All Other Free PersonsSlavesNARARollSNDX
FAILJacob7              M-25261F400
FAILJohn7              M-25261F400
FAILLewis7              M-25261F400
FARMERWiley5              M-25261F656
FARMERJohn7              M-25261F656
FARMERThomas7              M-25261F656
FAULKENBURJames8              M-25261F425
FAULKNERThomas8              M-25261F425
FEDRICKWeaver7              M-25261F362
FERGUSONSeth6              M-25261F625
FERRELLWilliam4              M-25261F640
FERRELLJames11              M-25261F640
FIELDSGreen6              M-25261F432
FISHERMatkiff10              M-25261F260
FLEMMINGLeonard5              M-25261F452
FLEMMINGJohn7              M-25261F452
FLEMMINGPeter8              M-25261F452
FLEYJesse7              M-25261F400
FORDNancy600000 02001 00M-25261F630
FORGESONWilliam8              M-25261F625
FORGUSONJames3              M-25261F625
FORTENBERRIsaac7              M-25261F635
FORTENBERRIsaac, Sr.7              M-25261F635
FORTENBERRIsreal7              M-25261F635
FORTENBERRJacob7              M-25261F635
FORTENBERRJohn7              M-25261F635
FORTENBERRWilliam7              M-25261F635
FOSTERJohn5              M-25261F236
FOSTERRobert5              M-25261F236
FOSTERGeorge8              M-25261F236
FRANCISJohn11              M-25261F652
FRANKLINHenry W300100 00100 00M-25261 
FRIZZLEGayle/Gale7              M-25261F624
FULLERGeorge7              M-25261F460
FULLERDaniel8              M-25261F460
FUNDERBARKSamuel610100 00100 11M-25261F536
FUNDERBURKAbel610010 10010 10M-25261F536
FUNDERBURKDavid611001 10010 00M-25261F536
FUNDERBURKJacob6              M-25261F536
FURGENSJohn601110 00001 00M-25261F425

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