Lancaster County SC
Federal Census of 1810
"S" Surnames

SurNameGiven NamePage NumberMales Under 10Males 10 to 16Males 16 to 26Males 26 to 45Males Over 45 Females Under 10Females 10 to 16Females 16 to 26Females 26 to 45Females Over 45 All Other Free PersonsSlavesNARARollSNDX
SAMUELJohn11              M-25261S540
SCARBOROUGJohn7              M-25261S616
SCOGGINSWilliam10              M-25261S520
SCOTTJohn5              M-25261S300
SHAVERHenry, Jr.4              M-25261S160
SHAVERHenry, Sr.4              M-25261S160
SHEEHANDaniel8              M-25261S500
SHEPHERDDavid5              M-25261S163
SHOFNERJacob8              M-25261S156
SHORTGriffin8              M-25261S630
SHORTWilliam8              M-25261S630
SHORTGriffin10              M-25261S630
SHUBANKSGeorge8              M-25261S152
SHUBARDCharles10              M-25261S163
SHUBARDJohn, Jr.10              M-25261S163
SHUBURDPhillip7              M-25261S163
SHUBURDPhillip8              M-25261S163
SHUBURGJohn9              M-25261S162
SIMMSIrwin10              M-25261S520
SIMPSONJohn301101 01221 07M-25261S512
SIMPSONJohn3              M-25261S512
SIMSGeorge7              M-25261S520
SIMSWilliam7              M-25261S520
SIMSStephen8              M-25261S520
SIMSAshburn10              M-25261S520
SLEDGEJesse401001 30111 06M-25261S432
SLOGANJohn3              M-25261S425
SLUCARTJohn5              M-25261S426
SMALLChristopher3              M-25261S540
SMALLThomas, Sr.3              M-25261S540
SMALLThomas600010 01010 00M-25261S540
SMALLThomas11              M-25261S540
SMALLWilliam11              M-25261S540
SMITHJohn600001 00010 10M-25261S530
SMITHSamuel601301 11010 02M-25261S530
SPIERSJames601011 00211 01M-25261S162
SPRINGSRichard6              M-25261S165
STEALJohn5              M-25261S340
STEALJohn, Sr.5              M-25261S340
STEALWilliam9              M-25261S340
STEOINSJohn4              M-25261S352
STEPHENSThomas9              M-25261S315
STEPHENSMark10              M-25261S315
STEPHENSONElizabeth6              M-25261S315
STEPHENSONSamuel6              M-25261S315
STEVENSJohn443110 00120 02M-25261S315
STEVENSJoshua420010 20100 00M-25261 
STEVENSMoab4              M-25261S315
STEVENSJoab5              M-25261S315
STEVENSWilliam5              M-25261S315
STINSONRobert5              M-25261S352
STOGNERBenjamin6              M-25261 
STOVERMary9              M-25261S316
STRANEJohn320010 20010 02M-25261S365
STRINGFELLRichard11              M-25261S365
STUNSTELLHenry11              M-25261S352
SWEATPeter7              M-25261S300

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