Lancaster County, SC
Federal Census of 1860
"D" Surnames

SurName [Maiden]GivenAgeSexDwellingFamilyPO
DabbsW H39M808814Hickory Head
DanielJohnston48M414417Lancaster C H
DardenDorothy61F990998Pleasant Hill
DavisDixon24M11081119Pleasant Hill
DavisM H M21M566568Flint Ridge
DavisM L45F106108Craigsville
DealeJames31M12001213Lancaster C H
DeanJohn V67M881888Hickory Head
DeasHial30M10961107Pleasant Hill
DeesJohn40M809815Hickory Head
DeesSampson61M10041012Pleasant Hill
DeeseAsa24M850857Hickory Head
DelaneyJames40M160164Curetons Store
DelaneyR C37M155159Curetons Store
DentonE J26M144147Curetons Store
DentonF M28M459465Lancaster C H
DentonJ J46M309314Lancaster C H
DentonJames S47M396399Lancaster C H
DentonMary18F10671078Pleasant Hill
DentonSarah48M11821195Lancaster C H
DentonT B21M11781191Lancaster C H
DentonW C37M438444Lancaster C H
DixonJames55M10781089Pleasant Hill
DixonWilliam20M504506Long Street
DouglasJ K53M469474Lancaster C H
DraffinJoseph35M138141Curetons Store
DraffinNathaniel T15M9294Craigsville
DraftonW W24M11781191Lancaster C H
DuncanC S29M408410Lancaster C H
DuncanGeorge F34M406409Lancaster C H
DuncanH H37M10711082Pleasant Hill
DuncanT J37M11391151Pleasant Hill
DuncanWilliam81M11431156Pleasant Hill
DunlapJ N62M314319Lancaster C H
DunlapJane H44F11601173Lancaster C H
DunlapJohn D60M421424Lancaster C H
DunlapJohn G32M421425Lancaster C H
DunlapLawrence23M949956Hickory Head
DunlapR D M51M99101Craigsville
DunlapR J M22M8587Jacksonham
DunlapS J45M8486Jacksonham
DunlapSarah A25F595598Flint Ridge
DunlapW R38M8688Jacksonham
DunnW J24M787791Hickory Head
DuranJonithan75M11511164Pleasant Hill
DuranR L10M11831196Lancaster C H
DuranW R38M386389Lancaster C H
DurenMary30F504506Long Street

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