Lancaster County, SC
Federal Census of 1870
"O" Surnames

SurName [Maiden]GivenAgeSexBornRollPagePO
OGBURNJonathan62MSC1500351Flat Creek TWP
OGBURNJosepha13FSC1500361Flat Creek TWP
OGBURNThos22MSC1500350Flat Creek TWP
OGBURNWesley35MSC1500345Flat Creek TWP
OLARYMartha44FSC1500453Waxhaw TWP
ORRDaniel L28MNC1500453Waxhaw TWP
ORRNathan D30MNC1500402Indianland TWP
OUTENH W39MSC1500440Spring Hill
OUTENLittle B35MSC1500398Indianland TWP
OUTENNathan J15MSC1500390Gills Creek TWP
OUTENRichard40MSC1500360Flat Creek TWP
OUTENWm23MSC1500340Flat Creek TWP
OWENWm C59MSC1500453Waxhaw TWP
OWENSJames46MNC1500399Indianland TWP
OWENSWilliam66MSC1500417Pleasant Hill

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