Little Pee Dee River
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Little Pee Dee River
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near Rowland, NC


The survey was begun by Mary Lewis and later joined by Helen Moody and her daughter Holly and completed on April 18 of 2004. We did not find all of the tombstones as recorded in Volume 3 of Vanishing Ancestors, Cemetery Records of Robeson County, North Carolina, copyright 1992 compiled by Peggy T. Townsend.

With Ms. Townsend’s permission we included those missing tombstones at the end of our survey.

Directions to the cemetery:
Leaving the town of Rowland on Highway 50l a little over a mile turn left on the Ashpole Cemetery Road. The cemetery is on the left-hand side of the road across from the Church.

Our survey began with row 1 at the Northwest corner of the cemetery. It was very difficult to determine the rows by number as there was no conformity of the graves. Hopefully our attempt of numbering the rows and markers will aid if looking for a particular grave.


Layout of Tombstones
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"Lost Tombstones"

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