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Contributed by Sheila Berry, 24 Feb 2002.

                   OLD BERRY CEMETERY

Survey Feb 2002 by Sheila Berry and son Kenny Berry

Cade Berry 2/6/1820-7/19/1872

Sacred to the memory of Charity Berry, wife of Henry Berry
who died 1/22/1856

In memory of Telatha Fore 1/25/1820-4/16/1857

Stephen Berry died 11/15/1860

Sallie Berry, wife of Stephen Berry born 27th of Aug.1772
died 7/5/1865

Sacred to the memory of Mary Bass who died 5/27/1873

In memory of Anna Maria, daughter of G.& J.M.Berry
died 5/3/1855 aged 3 years 8 months

In memory of Margarett E. daughter of G.& J.M.Berry
died 7/10/1853 aged 6 months

Mary, daughter of G.& J.M.Berry died 11/1/1867 aged 5years

Johanna M. wife of G. Berry 10/23/1830-12/30/1878

In memory of Gewood Berry 11/25/1821-2/5/1885

In memory of Stephen C. Berry who was born 15th of June 1835
and died 2nd of July 1859

A complete listing, as of 1953, was generously donated June 2000 to this Dillon County site by Mrs. Dora Louise Easterling DROST, the former Mrs. Dora Louise Easterling McCOLLUM, author of SOME CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS FROM DILLON COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA.

Many, many thanks to Mrs. Drost for this gift to Dillon County researchers!

                   OLD BERRY CEMETERY

LOCATION: Go West on #917 for 2.7 miles, turn left on Gum Swamp Rd.,
go 3.6 miles. Cemetery down behind the Burke Berry house. 
Land owned now by Starr Shelly, Jr.
Copied May 23, 1951

Sallie Berry/ Wife of/ Stephen Berry/ Born 27th Aug. 1772/ Died 5th July 1865/
Stephen Berry/ Died 15th Nov. 1860/
Sacred/ To the memory of/ Charity Crawford/ Wife of/ Henry Berry/ Who died/ January 22, 1856/
In memory of/ Stephen C. Berry/ Who was born/ June 15, 1835/ And died/ July 2, 1859/
Cade Berry/ Born 6th Feby. 1820/ Died 19th July 1872/
Mary/ Dau. of/ G. & J. M. Berry/ Died/ Nov. l, 1867/ Aged 5 yrs.
In memory of/ Margarette/ Dau. of/ G. & J. M. Berry/ Died July 10, 1853/ Age 6 mos./
In memory of/ Anna Maria/ Dau. of/ G. & J. M. Berry/ Died/ May 3, 1855/ Age 3 ys. 8 ms./
A number of graves with wooden markers, as was the case in a number of old cemeteries

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