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Little Pee Dee River
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Contributed by Jo Church Dickerson, June 1997.

Copyright © 1997 Jo Church Dickerson. All rights reserved.
A full compilation of ALL the tombstones in the Brewer/Church family cemetery

LOCATION: Hillsboro Township, Dillon (formerly Marion) County, South Carolina, about 3 miles from Lake View town limit in Kemper Community, off SC State Road 174, recently renamed Kemper Church Road - in the woods on the northeast side of Herrod's Branch. Originally sited beside an early road, the cemetery is now nearly inaccessible, no sign of the old road exists. It is not shown on any maps, topographical or otherwise, that I have seen. (One wonders how many other family cemeteries like this remain hidden in Marion & Dillon Counties.)

          Celia M.
          wife of
          James Church
          February 2 1819
          died March 29 1901
          Faithful to her Trust
          Even Unto Death

          Henry C. Brewer
          February 28 1829
          April 16 1893
          The best, the dearest,
          Favorite of the sky
          Must taste that cup
          For man is born to die.

          Infant son
          J.K. & C.A.  
          January 22 1899
          February 3 1899

Also said by older family members to be buried here: Martha Jane Goodyear Brewer, Born 11 Jun 1839 Married Henry C. Brewer 20 Apr 1870. (from family Bible, death date not given). Martha Jane was daughter of John & Senith Miller Goodyear. No tombstone found, but family members say there was one.

Also POSSIBLY buried here are sister Mary Brewer, parents Asa & Elizabeth Hayes Brewer, James Church, and perhaps other family members.

HISTORY: This cemetery is on land that was part of a 500 acre tract granted to John Elvington/Yelverton in 1800 or 1801, and obtained by Asa Brewer before 1810 (deed not recorded, but shown by later deeds). Asa Brewer (c1788-c1857) gave 90 acres of this land to his son Henry C. Brewer. Adjoining farms were given to his daughters Mary Brewer (never wed) and Celia M. Brewer who married James Church c1858. Henry's son and only child John Kemper Brewer inherited the farm at his father's death. John Kemper Brewer's wife was Cenith/Cynthia Ann "Tink" Hayes, daughter of Frank Hayes & Louisiana Rogers. Frank Hayes was also descended from Asa Brewer. Kemp & "Ms. Tink" are buried at Lake View Cemetery. This farm and the farms given to Mary & to Celia still belong to descendants of Asa & Elizabeth Hayes Brewer.

(Sources: John Kemper Brewer family Bible; Marion & Dillon County SC deeds; Marion County SC tax records; South Carolina land grants & plats; interviews with grandchildren of Celia M. Brewer Church.)

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