Little Pee Dee River
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Little Pee Dee River
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Surveyed by Sheila Berry, 2002.

                                BUTLER CEMETERY

Direction: From Lake View, SC on #9 highway going west,travel about 6 or 8 
miles.  Turn right onto Arnette Road (At Koon's Country Store). Go about 5 or 6 
miles and turn onto J.W.Road. Cemetery is on the left one mile and then 200 feet in 
the field.

Charity Butler 4/7/1870-7/31/1953

Nancy Butler 9/10/1866-11/23/1932  FOREVER WITH THE LORD

David Butler 8/21/1858-9/22/1883

Isham Butler Sr. 5/3/1833-6/4/1905
Sallie Phillips Butler 7/6/1831-9/7/1893

Infantv of F.A.& Emma Faulk   no dates

Lola Butler 8/28/1859-2/4/1941
Jane Butler 9/7/1857-7/12/1940    THERE IS NO PARTING IN HEAVEN

Mary R. wife of Isham R.Butler Jr. 1/2/1861-8/8/1901  
Isham R. Butler 11/2/1868-1/11/1933
Margaret Lycia McIntyre, wife of Isham R. Butler 11/14/1872-2/10/1947

Mary Butler 5/10/1895-6/8/1905

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