Little Pee Dee River
 image by Victoria Copyright  2001 Dillon County, South Carolina
Little Pee Dee River
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(Major Daniel) CARMICHAEL Cemetery
Dillon County, SC
Historical Notes

Historical notes by Victoria Proctor, 16 Feb 2002.

"Major Daniel" was Daniel Washington Carmichael, son of Dougald Carmichael and Flora Monroe. He is listed in the Carmichael book as being born 1791 in North Carolina and dying in South Carolina 1860, but this old tombstone indicates he may have been born 1794 and died 1865. He was known as "Major Daniel" from his service in the S.C. Militia, and served in the War of 1812. "Daniel Washington Carmichael received a warrant for a quarter section of public land given as a bonus for service in that war, but it was never claimed." (Carmichael, Scottish Highlander Carmichaels of the Carolinas)

Major Daniel Carmichael's wife was Agnes CAMPBELL, b. 1801, d. 1875. It's tempting to suppose that the Catharine Campbell listed above may have been Agnes Campbell's mother, but I could find no references on my bookshelf to Agnes Campbell's parents.

The Daniel Washington Carmichael Family Cemetery is the family cemetery for Major Daniel's nephew, Daniel Washington Carmichael, son of Squire Neil Carmichael. (Many thanks to Jo Church Dickerson for clarifying the relationship!)

The Carmichael book says that Major Daniel's father, Dougald Carmichael, owned land in Dillon County, located on both sides of the Stage Road, north of Carmichael's Bridge on the Little Pee Dee River, and his (Dougald's) home was "near the old millsite about two miles from the river, occupied by him and his descendants for more than a hundred years". In looking at various maps, it appears to me (and I may be in error) that this small cemetery now inside Little Pee Dee State Park was once part of old Dougald Carmichael's lands.

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