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Contributed by Trey Cooper, 21 Oct 2000.

The Dr. James Culbreth Cemetery
Transcribed by Trey Cooper
 Sept. 24, 2000

Location: near Hamer in Dillon County.  Turn onto Oliver Rd off of Pleasant Hill Rd.  
There is a field to the left.  The cemetery is at the edge of the woods, at the back 
right of the field under a large oak.

Dr James Culbreth
	Born: Feb 15, 1822
	Died: Feb 10, 1900

Penelope Jane 
	Wife of Dr James Culbreth
	Born: Nov 15, 1829
	Died: Jan 30, 1909

James Forrest Culbreth
	Son of Dr James and Penelope Culbreth
	Born: Oct 1, 1872
	Died: May 3, 1916

Susan Lessie Culbreth
	Born: Mar 11, 1850
	Died: Feb 25, 1936
	"Lifes Work Well Done - She Rests in Peace"

Pennie Jane Culbreth
	Dau of Dr James and Penelope Culbreth
	Born: May 26,1876
	Died: June 9,1891
	"Shall we meet beyond the river"

J. Jasper Culbreth
	Son of Dr James and Penelope Culbreth
	Born: April 17, 1865
	Died: July 1, 1891
	"Yes we will meet beyond the river"

Myrtie Culbreth
	Wife of G.W. Bennett
	Dau of Dr James and Penelope Culbreth
	Born: August 20, 1867
	Died: June 27, 1904

Ernest Culbreth
	Infant son of G.W.  and L.M. Bennett
	Born: June 6, 1904
	Died: June 29, 1904

Culbreth (first name not legible)
	Born: July 24,1901
	Died: Feb 26,1905
	First of  Transcription not legible "Thou hath nest- Thy sufferings now are o'er"
	Dau of Rebecca and C. K. Culbreth

Helen Rebecca Culbreth - Mother
	Born: August 13, 1878
	Died: December 10, 1927
	"A devoted wife and mother"
Caswell Kemper Culbreth - Father
	Born: June 15, 1870
	'Dec 1949' is scratched on the stone below date of birth

James Loran Culbreth
	Born: February 14,1909
	Died: November 10, 1937
	"Forever with the Lord"

Robert L. McDonald
	Son of F.D. and Pennie McDonald
	Born: December 4, 1921
	Died: December 28, 1922
	"A little bud of love to bloom with God above"

Marshall M. Culbreth - Father
	Born: November 2, 1854
	Died: March 7, 1921
Maggie E. Culbreth - Mother
	Born: April 11, 1868
	Died: March 28, 1908
	"In my fathers house are many mansions"

James J. Culbreth 
	Son of W. W. Culbreth
	Born: November 20, 1905
	Died: March 14, (Stone is broken….year of death is broken away)

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