Little Pee Dee River Dillon County, South Carolina
Little Pee Dee River
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Direction: From highway # 904 West, turn left onto Harrington Road. Go to stop sign and turn left. This is Oakdale Church Road and then turn right onto Marietta Road. Go 1/10 mile and you can see cemetery on the left in the field.

Surveyed by Sheila Berry and son Kenny Berry, March 2002

Woodrow Evans 10/29/1912-6/3/1964  
  N.C.  PFC HQ Co.593 Engr. B.&S. Regt. WWII

Cornie E. Evans 3/12/1893-4/10/1995
Burnie N. Evans 5/11/1881-6/11/1954
Juanita, daughter of B.N.& Cornie Evans 4/25/1921-6/22/1921  

Dave Evans 3/25/1833-8/23/1923

Nancy Evans 1/?/??45-?/?/19?6   
  [This headstone was broke in half and bolted back
  making it unable to read all dates.]
Sandy Evans 2/5/18??-10/9/194? 
  [The same thing with this broke in the middle bolted]

Miriam Edwards Evans 7/21/1927
A.C.Evans 3/20/1927-2/27/1950    THERE WILL BE NO  PARTING IN HEAVEN

Jeny A. Evans 4/5/1948  ENTERED INTO HEAVEN REST

Effie G. Daniels born 1882-died 1953
1wooden marker
1wooden marker
1 wooden marker
1 wooden marker

Molay Adams born 1878-died 1952  SHE HATH DONE WHAT SHE COULD

Gladys Lee, daughter of D.C.& M.C.

Gracey 4/17/1924-4/20/1924    OUR LOVED ONE

R.C. Gray 3/18/1926-4/21/1997

Troy Evans 10/6/1883   ALL THINGS TO THE GLORY OF GOD
Arty Taylor Evans 6/6/1877-8/5/1949   GONE TO MANSIONS OF REST

Willie L. Evans 10/27/1871-4/4/1959
Elizabeth Evans 8/19/1874-12/28/1965

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