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Little Pee Dee River
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Survey contributed by Sheila Berry, 31 Mar 2002.


                                   GADDY CEMETERY

Direction:  From Lake View on #41 North,turn left on Oakdale Church Road
and cemetery on right just after you cross the branch.1/10 of mile from
St.Paul AME I don't know if this is the cemetery for the church. Mostly
Gaddys are buried there.

Mary Elizabeth Gilchrist 7/29/1920-3/1/1992       BELOVED MOTHER

Rev.John Avery Gaddy 4/13/1902-4/7/1955
Ruth Ella Ford Gaddy 5/19/1906-3/1/1986
Alma Gaddy 1937-1979
Bettie Elizabeth Thompson Gaddy 2/1/1881-12/24/1951     OUR MOTHER
Vink H.Avery Gaddy 3/29/1874-9/3/1958    AN HONEST MAN IS THE NOBLEST

Magnolia Ford Gaddy 10/18/1907-12/19/1969
James W.Gaddy 3/10/1904-

Henry David Gaddy Sr. 1906-1989    HILL FHM
Roxie F.Gaddy 1912-1997   HILL FHM
Cecil Smith Gaddy 2/3/1918-10/10/1999
Frank Samuel Gaddy 1/23/1914-1/4/1995    m.8/21/1941     their children:
Betty Jean,Louis, Julius,Barbara,William,Mildred,Aletha,Gwendolyn.

Clyde Gaddy 1915-1996
Julianna K.Gaddy 1943-1996
Pearl P.Gaddy 5/11/1908-10/3/1970
David W.Gaddy 4/25/1895-8/24/1961
Sarah Gaddy 11/24/1874-11/26/1961

Robert I.Nichols 6/2/1874-3/7/1955

Mary L.daughter of A.V.& Julia Gaddy 4/21/1902-2/10/1908  GONE,BUT NOT
Pvt.James D.Gaddy 2/24/1897-2/9/1920 Camp Green N.C. Co.D349 LB  Bt.
Brenda R.Gaddy 5/13/1961-8/28/1962   daughter of James & Carleen Gaddy

Percy A.Williams U.S.Army 1948-1994

Luther French Smith 3/11/1922-5/6/1968   BROTHER OF CECIL GADDY

1Wooden Marker
Effie R.wife of C.R.Floyd 10/24/1884-10/20/1921
Gladys N.daughter of C.R.& Effie R.Floyd 9/12/1921-5/28/1922   GONE,BUT

Dotha R.Ford 5/2/1911-8/4/1989
Lucile Smith Ford
Boyd Ford 10/18/1912-11/28/1960
Cynthia Ruth, daughter of LucileS.& Boyd Ford
 11/29/1955-5/13/1967  OUR LOVED ONE
Joseph Ford 1938-1979
Sandra F.English 1948-1996
Boyd T.Ford 1935-1973
Bertha B.Ford 8/28/1957-5/13/1967     SISTER
Timothy Ford Jr. 3/11/1961-5/13/1967   BROTHER

1 marker
Woodrow G.Ford STM1 U.S.Navy 11/3/1926-9/9/1974
1FHM can't read

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