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(Jesse) FORD Cemetery

Lake View, Dillon County, S.C.

Survey contributed by Melanie Kelley, September 1997.

Located on Old Kemper Road, in Lake View. The cemetery is visible in the field next to the woods. It is surrounded by a brick wall. There are also two very old wooden tombstones, and a vault that appears to have had a marker on it at one time.
© 1997 Melanie Kelley

N. JASPER MCDUFFIE                     E.B. FORD
MAY 5, 1861                            SEPTEMBER 18, 1809
MAY 16, 1889                           JUNE 23, 1884

MATTIE S. FORD                         ELIZABETH J. MACDUFFIE
MAY 14, 1850                           FEBRUARY 20, 1868
JUNE 22, 1884                          AGE 29 YRS, 1 MONTH, 26 DAYS

LETTIE R. FORD                         ANNA JANE FORD
DECEMBER 29, 1860                      CONSORT OF (WIFE)
AGE 5 YRS, 4 MONTHS, 7 DAYS            ELIAS B. FORD
                                       SEPTEMBER 9, 1814
                                       SEPTEMBER 18, 1855

BEDY FORD                              WALTER E.
WIFE OF                                SON OF
MAJOR WILLIAM FORD                     W.H. HAYES
AUGUST 18, 1796                        MARCH 3, 1864
FEBRUARY 14, 1856                      ABOUT 4 YEARS OLD

JAMES A.                               WOODEN STONE 
SON OF JESSE JR.                    TIED WITH WIRE
& NANCY FORD                         WOODEN FOOT STONE
APRIL 10, 1852                         NO NAME
MAY 21, 1852                              

JESSE FORD                         WOODEN STONE
MARCH 18, 1824                         TIED WITH WIRE
MARCH 12, 1906                         NO NAME

FORENCE EUCER?                         NANCY
DAUGHTER OF                            WIFE OF
APRIL 24, 1856                         OCTOBER 18, 1829
MARCH 20, 1857                         JUNE 22, 1915

INFANT                                 IRA V. HAYS
SON OF                                 SON OF
W.H. & E. HAYES                        C.P. & MAGGIE HAYS
                                       FEBRUARY 27, 1880
                                       OCTOBER 30, 1889

ELIZABETH FORD                         VAULT ON GROUND
WIFE OF W.H. HAYES                     NO NAME
AUGUST 13, 1816          
DECEMBER 8, 1863

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