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The survey below of McCormick Cemetery was conducted by Mrs. Peggy Townsend, author of a truly excellent series of three cemetery books: Vanishing Ancestors, Volumes I, II, and III.  We are most grateful to Mrs. Townsend, both for the permission she so graciously granted for displaying her work here, and for her years of work in preserving precious data that would otherwise have been lost.

The brief history, locating directions, and transcription of Mrs. Townsend's survey were contributed by Mary Lewis, 9 Apr 2003.

Many thanks to both ladies!

One of the oldest family cemeteries in Robeson County is on the James Pate farm near Rowland. This land originally belonged to Ian McCormaig (John McCormick) and his wife Barbara who immigrated from Kintyre, Scotland. John served for 84 months as a private in the 4th North Carolina Regiment of the Continental Line during the Revolutionary War. The tombstone marking the grave of one of his sons, Archibald, who died in 1791 is thought to be one of the oldest markers in the county. It has been said that some of the graves in this cemetery originally were bricked in with English style brick.

The cemetery is just off Interstate 95. If you exit Interstate 95 at Exit 2, turn west towards Rowland and continue to the Pate-McKinnon Road on your right. Turn right on that road and in about mile there is a large, beautiful two story homeplace on the right. This is the James Pate home. Take the farm road which runs beside the house toward I-95 between the barns and outbuildings. The road then curves slightly to the right. The cemetery is hidden from view in the woods on your left beyond a large open field. Today the cemetery is in ruins with few of the tombstone standing or readable.


Mrs. Peggy Townsend, © 2003

In Memory of Archibald McCormick
son of John McCormick who was b.
Nov.1776 and departed this life
Dec. 1, 1791 aged 15 yrs and 18 days.

Sacred to the Memory of
Sarah daughter of Barbara and
John McCormick

John R. McCormic
B. May 21, 1786
D. March 3, 1858

Here lies the remains of
Duncan McCormic, A native of
Scotland born in the year 1740
on the 18th of June and departed
this life July 14, 1820 age 80

Margaret McCormic consort of
John B. McCormic, D March 24, 1866.
Aged 73 years

Sarah McCormic
D. Sept. 28, 1858
Age 24 years 6 months and 18 days

John K. McCormick
B. Jan 23, 1847
D. Feb. 17, 1924

Winnie McCormicB. May 11, 1837
D. April 13, 1905

Eliza McCormic
B. Feb 16, 1828
D. Dec 14, 1902

James son of Duncan and Edy
McCormic B.July 13, 1845
D. March 7, 1892

Duncan S. McCormic
B. 1781
D. Oct. 22, 1865

Edy wife of Duncan S. McCormic
B. 1805
D. Oct. 5, 1865

Malcom McCormic
B. Jan 23, 1825
D. Oct. 1843

Niven McCormick
D. 14 of Feb. 1837
11 yrs 5m 3 days

Nellie C. McCormac
B. April 17, 1831
D. Nov. 6, 1886

John S. McCormac
B. Aug. 14, 1822
D. May 3, 1888

Mary Ann McCormac
B. March 23, 1820
D. July 24, 1893

Flora McCormac
B. March 17, 1825
D. Aug. 28, 1908

George W. McCormac
B. Nov. 21, 1833
D. Sept. 29, 1910

Margaret McCormac
B. Jan. 31, 1828
D. April 4, 1923
Aged 95 yrs. 2 months 3 days

Flora McCormick
B. March 10, 1828
D. March 20, 1914

John McCormick
B. Aug. 16, 1824
D. Aug. 1, 1900

Margaret McCormic
D. June 6. 1863
Age 35 years 2 months and 26 days

Effie McCormic
D. Dec. 1, 1862
Age 26 years 11 months 27 days

Daniel P. McCormic
D. Aug. 11, 1862
Aged 30 years 11 months and 27 days

A. B. McCormick
B. May 12, 1820
D. July 23, 1898

Flora wife of A. B. McCormick
B. May 3, 1810
D. May 21, 1862

Margaret J. T. McCormac
B. March 8, 1845
D. Sept. 30, 1906

F. Annabella McCormick
B. June 1, 1846
D. May 30, 1924

D. F. McCormick
B. May 23, 1854
D. April 13, 1913

Annabella McCormac
D. April 14, 1862 age 47 yrs
2 m 12 days
B. Feb 2, 1815

Archibald McCormac
B. April 5, 1788
D. Oct. 23.1837

Alexander McCormick
D. Oct. 11, 1843
Age 24 years 1 month and 2 days

John McCormick
B. March 1781
D. June 10, 1850

Infant son of Duncan A. and Mary M.
B. and D. Jan. 16, 1852

John K. McCormick
B. Oct. 4, 1845
D. May 19, 1871

Mary wife of C. W. McCormick
D. March 2, 1874
Aged 64 years

Mrs. Barbara Taylor
B. Dec. 31, 1795
D. Nov. 11, 1873

Angus Taylor
B. Jan 25, 1806
D. Aug. 8, 1838

Margaret Taylor, Jr.
B. Aug. 12, 1814
D. April 11, 1831

Margaret Taylor, Sr.
B. April 9, 1773
D. April 17, 1848

Gilbert Taylor
B. Aug 12, 1776
D. Feb. 11, 1831

Elizabeth Taylor
B. April 9, 1804
D. May 14, 1847

Mary wife of John McCormick
D. Nov. 18, 1858 age 76

Flora McCormick
D. Sept. 12, 1856

In Memory of Arch McCormick
D. May 31, 1853 Aged 28

Barbara wife of Arch McCormick
D. May 3, 1852 Aged 73

Eliza McCormick
D. Nov. 28, 1821
Age 12

Malcom son of
John and Barbara McCormick
B. Nov. 26, 1792
D. April 10, 1841
In his 49th year

Mary Currie who was born
in 1768 and died
March 9, 1839

In Memory of John McCormick
he was born March 20th in the year
of our Lord 1738 and departed
this life Feb. 8, 1814. He was
born in Scotland, Kenlite and
emigrated to the State of NC
in the 30th year of his life.

Barbara wife of John McCormick
Who died Nov. 2, 1826 age 70 years 21 days

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