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McLEOD Cemetery
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Dillon County, S.C.

An earlier survey of the McLEOD Cemetery appears in "Cemeteries in Dillon County and Upper Marion County", a Bicentennial Project of the D.A.R., Colonial Dames and U.D.C. chapters, published in binder form in the late 1970's. The earlier survey was conducted in 1976 by Mr. and Mrs. Neil A. McLeod, then owners of the farm on which the cemetery is located, and Miss Annie Kate Norton. As you might imagine, the 1976 survey differs somewhat from the survey conducted in 2001 by Sandra Brumbles -- burials post-1976 are recorded, some tombstones have either disappeared or been moved, the earlier survey recorded data taken from personal records for grave sites with no marker.

Many thanks to all the folks who documented this cemetery over time.
--Victoria Proctor, Dec 2002.


Additions and Corrections

Amendments contributed by Tom Norton, 5 Dec 2002.
(Note: Mr. Norton and his aunt, Annie K. Norton, put McLeod Cemetery into perpetual care about 20 years ago.)

1st Row:

The unmarked grave of Hugh Colon Morrison is between those of Brearley Morrison and Aleatha Coxe Smith (Mrs. Edward Smith). I have no birth or death dates.

The death date of Ella I. Morrison is Jan 13, 1971. It appears on a temporary marker which was laying on the ground nearby.

The death date of Cattie Morrison may be 1960 instead of 1940. This was the date on the temporary marker before the numbers fell out. However, I note that the April 1978 list of cemeteries in Dillon County says that Mrs. Morroson's death occurred on 7-25-1970. So the issue is likely to remain confused unless someone researches courthouse records.

2nd Row:

The birth date of Mary Jane Little Morrison is Aug 15 1856 instead of 1851.

3rd Row:

The name of N.A. McLeod's wife appears to be Mary C. rather than G.

The surname of Hugh C. is Morrison and the 1978 List of Cemeteries in Dillon County gives a death date of June 23, 1943.

Re Advil McInnis, his death date is Jul 15, 1889 instead of July 5.

4th Row:

Re Druzilla, Wife of J.C. Bethea, her death date is 1914 instead of 1944.

5th Row:

Re Zelma H., daughter of P.W. & M.H. Bethea, her death date is Nov 17 1915 rather than Nov 7.

Re infant son of P.W. & Minnie Bethea, his death date is 1912 rather than 1917.

6th Row:

Re Catherine A. Finnegan, her death date is Feb 8, 1893 rather than Feb 3, 1898.

8th Row:

Re Christion Bythea (sic), I read the year of death as 1886 rather than 1836; however, I am not sure.

9th Row:

The grave of William McDonald Norton, stillborn son of Grady Gilbert Norton and Edna Norton Hood is located between the graves of Grady Gilbert Norton and Ann McInnis. It is marked by a small statue of an angel.

Re catherine Bethoon, her death date is 1861 instead of 1851 and she died at age 65 instead of 55.

10th Row:

Re Miles McInnis, his birth date is Sep 26, 1872 rather than Sep 28.

11th Row:

The last (or first depending on your viewpoint) grave in row 11 is that of Annie K. Norton, born Jan 4, 1917, and died on Mar 28, 2002.

13th Row:

Re the last grave (row 13), Mattie A. Berry's birth date is 1869 rather than 1860.

My compliments to Sandra Brumbles, she did a good job and her information changed my previously acquired data as much as mine has hers.

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