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Mount Andrews Cemetery
Dillon County, South Carolina
Transcribed June 6, 1999 - Updated June 2006
by Earnestine Gates and Lee Oates



NameSite #
Atkinson, Carol Monroe 2
Atkinson, Helen 5
Atkinson, Myrtle Hyman 4
Atkinson, Norwood E. 3
Bailey, D.V.87
Bailey, Helen86
Bailey, Mary E. Turbeville88
Beaver, George D.109
Beaver, John Thomas118
Beaver, Joseph T.96
Beaver, Letha Alford99
Beaver, Mary Lena110
Beaver, Oscar Maloy99
Beaver, Othar James94
Beaver, Rebecca96
Bowman, Edna J.127
Broach, Edward M.85
Broach, Kathleen H.85
Brogdon, "Billie" Mary Elizabeth59
Brogdon, David S.41
Brogdon, Flossie Owens62
Brogdon, Owen K.40
Brogdon, Sarah61
Brogdon, W.B.61
Brogdon, William B.60
Cox, Alan Michael67
Cox, Cecil Warren66
Dillon, Elizabeth R.117
Dillon, Leon L.117
Floyd, Carles P.36
Floyd, Edith Evelyn38
Floyd, Ermine Sessions20
Floyd, Giles R.21
Floyd, Giles Robert128
Floyd, Freddie Knight128
Floyd, Goke Beuenge39
Floyd, Zilpha Roberts37
Freeman, Myrtle G.35
Hamilton, Lula Jones Poston26
Haselden, Charles129
Haselden, Willie M.129
Hayes, D.B. William22
Hayes, Elizabeth B.22
Hayes, James R.24
Hayes, Martha25
Hays, Infant son of W.D.B.33
Hinson, Charles DeVone95
Hyman, Lexie K. 6
Hyman, Morris 1
Hyman, Willis L. 6
Johnston, Lula Rowell100
Lancaster, June Caryl69
Leggett, Frances90
McCormac, Mary58
McDonald, Addie70
McDonald, Bobby K.131
McDonald, Earline F.68
McDonald, Elsie Brogdon152
McDonald, John Earl71
McDonald, Joyce Ann63
McDonald, Rex70
McDonald, Robert Lee72
McDonald, Willie R.68
Medlin, W. Earl34
Medlin, Blanche F.34
Miller, Mary Susan48
Miller, Roxie46
Miller, W.H.47
Nasciment, Frank64
Nascmento, Agnes Hayes65
Oates, Earl C.23
Oates, Eva Beaver92
Oates, Robert Lee93
Owens, Edna E. Medlin82
Owens, John G.83
Owens, Loucinda83
Pamplin, J.R.91
Parnell, James P.132
Proctor, Annie M.56
Proctor, Charlie Hampton57
Proctor, Dora Agnes57
Proctor, Douglas54
Proctor, Elizabeth55
Proctor, Freddie53
Proctor, Frederick55
Proctor, Fredrick A.50
Proctor, Little J.C.51
Proctor, Minnie Lee Brogdon50
Proctor, Tommy52
Roberts, Giles P.42
Roberts, Henry C.43
Roberts, Martha Ann42
Roberts, Penelope44
Roberts, Reading45
Rogers, Amanda R. 7
Rogers, Annie T.108
Rogers, Carrie W. 9
Rogers, Charles G. 8
Rogers, Charlie G.84
Rogers, Christine B.84
Rogers, Raymond D.108
Rouse, Edward M.75
Rouse, Everett S.74
Rouse, Herbert A.78
Rouse, Hoyel Thamer73
Rouse, Josephine R.76
Rouse, Maude A.77
Rouse, Roxie E.80
Rouse, Sadie79
Rowell, Alonzo S101
Rowell, D.S.114
Rowell, Eula123
Rowell, Jeremiah125
Rowell, Julius Austin115
Rowell, Mary K.116
Rowell, Mattie101
Rowell, Nancy L.122
Rowell, Sarah A.124
Rowell, Simeon Lawrence112
Sellers, Annie Vency Rowell113
Sessions, Blaine31
Sessions, Ellen Smith18
Sessions, Inft Dau of Dan E. 13
Sessions, Inft son of Robert W.28
Sessions, Lola Belle30
Sessions, Lorraine Trezevant18
Sessions, Lorriane Trezevant, Jr.14
Sessions, Louise Utley29
Sessions, Martha Ellen15
Sessions, Mary E.17
Sessions, Percy19
Sessions, Robert Wade29
Sessions, Ruth Ellen16
Surles, Susan49
Turbeville, Annie Maloy105
Turbeville, Bessie103
Turbeville, Laura Elizabeth89
Turbeville, Mary Alice104
Turbeville, W.M. Stokes104
Turbeville, William Joseph105
Turbeville, William Perritt89
Turnage, Alton E.106
Turnage, Annie Elizabeth Beaver107
Turnage, Edward A.102
Turnage, Edward Alton107
Watson, Betty Lane12
Watson, Beulah11
Watson, Ileen L.133
Watson, Walter10
Watson, William M.12
unmarked child's grave27

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