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Mount Andrews Cemetery
Dillon County, South Carolina
Transcribed June 6, 1999 - Updated June 2006
by Earnestine Gates and Lee Oates



By Row

Row 3

Lula Jones Poston
Aug 13, 1878
Feb 10, 1964
Marble headstone with cross and flowers
footstone: Mother *26

outline of red brick - no name - small area
possible childs grave *27

son of
Mr. & Mrs.
Robert W. Session
June 24, 1946
Small marble headstone with lamb on top
footstone: R.G.S. *28

Sessions - Main Family Headstone

	Robert Wade			Louise Utley
	Feb 24, 1922			Sept 3, 1926
	no death date
	granite headstone with 2 people fishing
	unknown symbol under Feb date of Robert Wade *29

Lola Belle Sessions
Dec 17, 1885
Nov 1, 1984
Though lost to sight to memory Dear
granite headstone
footstone: metal - Lola Belle Sessions
1885 O 1984
[Kannady's Funeral Home] *30

wife of
J.W. Sessions
1898 - 1959
granite headstone *31

Rusted metal stake - assumed grave marker with no name *32

Row 2

Infant son
W.D.B. Hays
Born & Died
Jan. 1886
marble headstone
footstone: H. *33

Row 3

W. Earl Medlin
1922 - 1978
granite headstone with flower under name and date *34

Blanche F. Medlin
1922 - 2006
granite headstone with flower under name and date *34

Myrtle G. Freeman
1900 - 1977
granite headstone with flower under name and date *35

Row 4

Carles P. Floyd
Sept. 2. 1856
Dec 31 1881
marble headstone
footstone: marble with no markings *36

Zilpha Roberts
wife of
C.P. Floyd
Born Nov 22, 1823
Died Aug 7, 1903
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
marble headstone (tall) with swirls around MA footstone: Z.R.F. *37

Edith Evelyn
Nov 2, 1900
March 12, 1904
First born of
C.R. & E.S. Floyd
Papa I'm going to see
BACK OF STONE: Tis Jesus speaks. I fold, says he This Lamb within my breast. Perfection it shall find in me In me be ever blest marble headstone with "JUDY" inscribed at top of stone
footstone: E.E.F. *38

Goke Beuenge
son of
Giles R. & Ermine
Born Mar 27, 1911
Died Dec 19, 1911
Favored of God
to wear a crown
without lifes weary
race to run
marble headstone
footstone: G.B.F.
(first name not clear - this is an assumption) * 39


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