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Surveyed on 6 Jan 2001 by Daphne Brady Capps and Jo Church Dickerson.

Location: Near NC/SC State LIne, in Robeson County, NC

Directions: Going out of Lake View on Hwy 41 North, turn right onto Fair Bluff Road (formerly State Road 43). Go 1.5 mile. Cemetery is in a field on the left, just a short distance past the state line, and just before the road dips down into Alligator Swamp. It is (for the moment) clearly visible from the road.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This cemetery is in the process of being destroyed.

In December 2000, Keith Hill and Jo visited the cemetery. At that 
time it covered a slightly larger bit of ground, and Mary's stone was 
intact, but leaning at about a 45 degree angle toward the ground. In 
December, Mary's was the last stone standing (leaning). It was 
pouring rain, so plans were made to return on a clear day.

Just a few weeks later, on the day Daphne and Jo did the survey, 
the field had been recently plowed, and the ground had been plowed 
within two or three inches of some of the stones. Mary's stone is now 
broken off the base, and laying on the ground. Small pieces of the 
tombstones could be seen scattered about the plowed field. The 
pieces were collected and examined for missing dates, but no 
inscriptions were found on any of the little pieces. Broken pieces of 
wooden poles were also found, indicating there was once a fence 
around the little graveyard. There will probably be no trace of this 
cemetery in just a few more plowings.

Mary Price
28 Sep 18??
26 Dec 188?

Mary's stone was broken off the base, and parts of the right 
hand side were broken off, including the last digits of the dates.

Anne Price
wife of S. Wright
16 Aug 1839
24 Feb 1913

"How ____   ____  bereft of thee."

Anne's stone was broken off the base. 

There are several other intact stones and large pieces of stones 
laying around. Both sides of these were examined, but no trace 
of inscriptions were found on them. One footstone was found with 
the initials A. P.  It did not seem be the footstone for Anne, as it 
was made of different material than her headstone. The left hand 
side of the footstone was broken off, and there may have once 
been another first initial there.

History:  Unknown. Current owner of land unknown. The Price 
family had various land holdings in the area, in both North and 
South Carolina. John Price had lands in the late 1700s which 
were located along the state line, just a short distance northwest 
of this cemetery.

This is probably the graveyard of the Wesley Price family. In 
1850 he was listed in the Robeson County enumeration in close 
proximity to Nicholas Powell;  John A. Hill;  Absalom, Zacheus, 
Elijah, Elisha, and Zachariah Adams; Timothy, Joseph, and Wilson
Page, which Page lands adjoin the land where this cemetery is 
located. From the census, from the adjoining landowners, and from 
the remaining dates of Mary and Anne,  it would appear that they 
were probably the wife and daughter of Wesley Price.

1850 Census, Robeson County, NC
Household #648
Wesley Price   age 35  born in SC
Mary Price         32          SC
Ann E. Price       10          SC
Mason Price         8         Robeson
Sally Price         6         Robeson
Levi Price          3         Robeson

Submitted by Jo Church Dickerson
Of the many old disappearing graveyards I have visited, this is 
perhaps the saddest. It is not isolated, but in plain view of the 
road and of several houses.

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