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A complete listing, as of March 2000, was generously donated to this Dillon County site by Mrs. Dora Louise Easterling DROST, the former Mrs. Dora Louise Easterling McCOLLUM, author of SOME CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS FROM DILLON COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA.

                     TART CEMETERY

LOCATION:  From Latta, SC, go west on # 917 for 7.8 miles, turn left on #S-17-425.
(Pocosion Road) Go 0.7 mile and turn left onto a dirt road.  Continue for 
approximately 100 yards and the cemetery is on the left in the woods.

Thomas E. Love/ June 19, 1939/ Apr. 18, 1977/
Baby Love/ Apr. 29, 1974/
Thelma Tart Clark/ 1913-1978/
Ellis Clark/ 1910/ 1979/
Major Tart/ 1957/ Funeral Home Marker
Mother/ Catherine J./ Tart/ Died Mar. 15, 1958/
Lonnie Edward/ Tart/ June 11, 1911/ July 11, 1977/
J. E. Tart/ Died 1945/
Alberta/ Tart/ Died/ 1942/
J. M. Tart/ Died/ 1937/
M. C. Infant/ Daughter of/ Mr. & Mrs. G. H. Love/ Born/ Apr. 25, 1905/ Died/ Oct. 22, 1905/
Mary C. Love/ Born/ Jan. 1, 1876/ Died/ Apr. 25, 1905/
Jennie V. Love/ Born/ May 9, 1904/ Died/ Sept. 24, 1905/
Mamie K. Tart/ Sept. 28, 1909/ July 22, 1972/
EJT (Probably footstone of Enos J. Tart)
One Tomb- (No Dates) In Memory of/ Thomas Enos/ Tart/ Captain Confederate/ War/ Age 78 yrs./
His Wife/ Hester Ann/ Hayes/
Their sons/ James Tart/ Enos J. Tarte/
And Daughter Sarahann Tarte/ Berry/ (Wife of Neil Tight Berry-DLEM)
"Erected 1940 by Dr. G. J. Tarte, D. D. Youngest Son"

Thomas R. Berry/ S. C./ Pvt. 20 Engineers/ World War I (Undecipherable)
Mrs. Nellie B. Berry/ Feb. 5, 1961/ Age 52 yrs/
Annie E./ Freeman/ Sept. 16, 1878/ June 10, 1948/
George Lester Kersey/ July 9, 1942/ Oct. 12, 1970/
Etta K./ Struhlar/ 1905-1972/
Little Carrie/ Dau. of/ Jno. M. & M. A./ Tart/ Born/ July 18, 1870/ Died/ July 22, 1870/
Jack C. Crowley/ 1862-1945/
His Wife/ Huldah L. McDowell/ 1862-1933/
Grandmother/ Nancy Crowley/ 1841-1925/
R. M. Crowley/ S. C. Pvt. US Army/ World War I/ 1897-1972/
Henry Evan Kersey/ 1905-1974/
Josephine Tart Kersey/ Nov. 21, 1999/ Age 56/Cooper Funeral Home Marker
Marion Keith Shaw/ Died 21 Dec. 1995/ Age 70."Dillon Herald"

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