St. Paul's Methodist Church
Little Rock, Dillon County, SC

St. Paul's Methodist Church, photo by Sheila Berry 2001
St. Paul's Methodist Church, Little Rock, Dillon County, SC

by Victoria Proctor, 2001, revised 2005

Formerly Liberty Chapel. The church originated in 1786 when Bishop Francis Asbury organized a preaching station on the Little Pee Dee River, and it is located across the road from the old Stackhouse home. The congregation worshipped under a brush arbor until a meetinghouse was built on the site where T.F. Stackhouse later built his dwelling. As settlers living at a distance brought their families in wagons to the services, often remaining over at least one night, the location became known as the Gaddy Camp Ground. Before 1803, the church was relocated near Harllee's Bridge, just south of the Evander Bethea home. The name of Liberty Chapel was adopted prior to September 17, 1814, when Philip Bethea designated it as such in his will. Bethea was not only a staunch churchman but also a friend of Asbury's and bequeathed a share of his estate to the church. The charter members of the chapel included Herod, Isaac, and Tristram Stackhouse, Jesse Proctor, and John Roper.

As the new site eventually proved unsatisfactory, the church was relocated at Harlleesville. Presumably Thomas Harllee donated the land for the building, as in 1823 he deeded an acre of land to be used for a church, and in 1844, his son, Thomas Harllee, Jr. donated land adjacent to the chapel property for a school. The new location also became known as the site of the Harlleesville Camp Meetings, which continued annually until 1848.

In 1871, a new building was erected at the present location in the town of Little Rock, the new name for Harlleesville. At that time, the name of the organization was changed to St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church, with W.C. Power as its first minister. The church continued its program and the congregation was augmented in 1936 when the Beulah Methodist Episcopal Church disbanded and its membership joined that of St. Paul's.
--Source: Stokes, "The History of Dillon County, South Carolina"

The following newspaper extract was contributed by Helen Moody, 16 July 2001:

"Pastors and Church Members of Long Ago"

Liberty Chapter  September 12, 1935 issue of The Dillon Herald, Dillon, SC

Female Members

Martha Roper
Celia Stackhouse
Martha Stackhouse
Kiddy Bethea
Ann Harllee
Mary Roper
Elizabeth Hargrove
Zillah Paul
Sarah Carter
Kiddy Proctor
Nancy Gaddy
Mary Jackson
Jeanette McRae
Catherine McRae
Nellie McCoy
Martha Braddy
Harriett Braddy
Polly Bethea
Malinda Proctor
Levina Hargrove
Ann Miles
Margaret Murchison
Mary Trawick
Phoebe Rowell
Martha Hamilton
Nancy Hamilton
Elizabeth Roper
Martha Coward
Martha Bethea
Sarah Bethea
Harriett Bethea
Kiddy Braddy
Harriett Walter
Drucilla Cottingham
Delia Jackson
Nancy Hamilton
Sarah McAllister
Mary Murchison
Mary McQuage
Margaret Trawick
Ann Butler
Charlotte Bethea
Hannah Fullmore
Catherine Pate
Elizabeth Jackson
Eliza Stackhouse
Lydia Jackson
Mary Ridgel
Mary Stackhouse
Elizabeth McSwain
Sarah Hendrson
Ann C. Lyster
Lucretia Stackhouse
Sarah Bethea
Lucinda Jackson
Flora Murchison
Mary Davis
Nancy Meekins
Caroline Gaddy
Jane Gray
Elizabeth Gray
Susan Gray

"Pastors and Church Members of Long Ago"

Liberty Chapter, September 19, 1935 issue of The Dillon Herald, Dillon, SC

Male Members

H. Stackhouse, C.L.
Jesse Proctor, EX
John Roper
Cade Bethea
John Sherwood, Sr.
Isaac Stackhouse
Peter Harlee
Allen Gaddy
Aleck Murchison
Othel Trawick
Robert C. Hamer
John Hamilton
John A Hargrove
Duncan McAllister
Philip Bethea
Lysias Stackhouse
James Roper
Thomas Stackhouse
John Sherwood, Jr.
Richard Sherwood
Mastin Sherwood
Anderson Proctor
Porter Trawick, C.L.
Lewis Huggins
Thomas Bethea
Colin Edwards
Wesley Stackhouse
Archibald McLellan
Thomas Proctor
John Braddy
David Bethea
Evander Bethea
John Bethea
Reuben Paul
William Hamilton
Tristram Braddy
William Davis 
Daniel McKenzie
Hugh Henderson
Tristram Easterling
William Bethea
Aleck McNeill
Calvin Bethea
William Stackhouse
James Sherwood 

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