Sanderson Family Photographs

Mrs. Annie Sanderson and Her Children, circa 1925
Contributed by Jo Church Dickerson

Children, from left:
Berry Sanderson (1916-1992)
Neil Sanderson (1912-2000)
Ruby Sanderson - living
Tempe Dean Sanderson (1912-2000)
Troy Sanderson (1914-1941)
Paul Sanderson (1919-deceased)

Ms. Annie was Bertha Ann "Annie" Thompson Sanderson (1878-1959), second wife and widow of Archie Sanderson (1850-1922). She was daughter of Nathan James Thompson and his wife, Emma Blackwell Thompson of NC. Descendants are still looking for the parents of Archie Sanderson, who was born in Robeson County, NC.

Photograph is from my grandmother's photo album, as identified by my father, John Harvey Church. The Sanderson family resided in Kemper Community, Dillon County.

Dates and additional information kindly furnished by Sandy Perritt Spivey, granddaughter of Neil and Albertine Hayes Sanderson.

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