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Old Latta Hotel and Dry Goods, postcard
Postcard courtesy of Harold Kornblut


Two hotels were built in Latta during the early years. One was a two-story hotel built by Warren George at the corner of Main and North Richardson Streets. The lobby and a store were on the first floor and the rooms were on the second.

The second hotel was built by T. Cary Covinton and it was located on the southwest side of Main Street, about midway between South Railroad Avenue and Mauldin Street. Also a two-story structure, it had a porch extending across the entire front and down both sides of the second story. The main entrance to the hotel was through a front porch on the ground floor. As you can see from the photo above, a dry goods store, owned by Leon Kornblut (seen at far left in photo), nestled into a portion of the hotel site.

Photo contributed by Sheila Berry, March 2002.


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