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Liberty Chapel Methodist Church (now St. Paul's) was established in 1786 when Bishop Asbury organized a preaching station on the Little Pee Dee River. The church meeting house moved several times before 1823 when Thomas Harllee donated an acre of land in Harleesville to be used for the church building. Presumably, Liberty Chapel School was organized by members of the methodist church congregation, whose charter members included Herod Stackhouse, Jesse Proctor, and John Roper.

The date of founding for Liberty Chapel School, located in Harleesville (now Little Rock), is unknown but was certainly in operation before 1844 when Thomas Harllee, Jr. deeded the land on which the building was located to the trustees of the school: Herod Stackhouse, E.J. Meekins, Peter Harllee, Cade Bethea, and Isaac Stackhouse.

Liberty Chapel School was the forerunner of Little Rock High School.

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