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Obituary of

Robert JACKSON, CSA Veteran

The Dillon Herald, Dillon, South Carolina
December 14, 1905, Vol. 10, No. 51

Confederate Hero Passes Away

Near Temperance Hill on Friday Dec. 8th, Robert Jackson breathed his last. To the younger generation, this announcement is of no more than passing interest, but to those who lived in the "days that tried men's soul's" it brings genuine sorrow. As a citizen Robert Jackson was a plain, modest unpretentious man unknown outside of the circle of his immediate acquaintances, but as a soldier his bravery and heroism rank with those of a Jasper. The survivors of the 8th, S. C. regiment which saw such gallant service at the front speak of Robert Jackson's many acts of bravery in eloquent terms, but perhaps the greatest of them all was at the charge at Malvoran Hill. Here when the fighting was at the thickest three color bearers had been shot down in as many minutes. Snatching up the flag Mr. Jackson sprang in front of his company and waved it aloft. Just at the moment a shot from the enemy cut the flag staff in twain, but the intrepid soldier caught the remnant of the staff before the flag could touch the ground and again waving it aloft led his comrades on to victory. It was this and many other acts of bravery that distinguished Robert Jackson as a soldier.

He was in the 74th year of his age, being the eldest of six brothers noted for their bravery during the war between the states. He had been in failing health for several months, and when the end came he passed into the great beyond as peacefully as a child falling into slumber. He was buried at Pleasant Grove on Saturday. Peace to his ashes.

Transcribed by Helen B. Moody from microfilm at the Dillon Library, Dillon, South Carolina

Submitted by Helen Moody, 10 Nov 2003.

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