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Southern Christian Advocate, June 17, 1915 issue, Vol 79 #2 pg 10 col 1:
From the Sandor Teszler Library Archives of Wofford College:

Mrs Anna M Bethea---Died on May 24th, 1915, in the 79th year of her age

Mrs Anna M Bethea, wife of Phillip W Bethea and daughter of the late Rev John L Smith, of the South Carolina Conference, after a lingering illness of three weeks, during which she was submissive and uncomplaining. As the day was drawing to a close the death angel came, and like an evening zephyr her spirit passed out into the great beyond. In many respects she was a remarkable woman, and made lasting friends with all with whom she came in contact. She was given to hospitality in a large measure as hundreds can testify. No one who asked for aid was ever refused. As an illustration, a few days after General Sherman's army had destroyed nearly all of the household and personal property and had partaken of a sumptuous meal she prepared, fed their horses on fine quilts, blankets and counterpanes spread on the ground, cut and destroyed hams and other provisions, a Federal soldier sick nigh unto death, poorly clad and foot-sore, stopped and asked her for food and shelter and perhaps a place to die. She took him in and in a few weeks nursed him back to life and bade him God speed, while her own husband was perhaps in a northern prison starving. She was very industrious and contributed much to the financial endeavors of her husband. She carried sunshine to the hearts of many.

She was a life-long member of the Methodist Church to which she was very much devoted. The aged husband and children are thinking, "What is home without wife and mother." But who will miss her more than I, who for forty years as son-in-law enjoyed her utmost confidence and esteem. We will never look into her face again or hear the melody of her voice until we too have crossed the golden strand.
D E Allen

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