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Jean Shanelec, 16 Aug 2002

Including those from Keene, Davis, & Bethea Plantations
{Unless otherwise specified}
Jean Fladger Shanelec
August 20, 2002

June 30, 1730
Mortgage from Robert Fladger, butcher of Charlestown, to John Carmichael for 537 pounds. Mentions five negroes and 20 shillings. [SC Archives, Columbia]

"Living (in 1735) on the west side of Little Pee Dee in the Neck was Robert Fledger. He got possession of about 2000 acres, lived on them, and had at the sale 25 slaves, 3 riding horses, 4 mares and 50 head of cattle. In the short period of six years, a wilderness had been reduced to a habitable and profitable plantation."[Rambles in the Pee Dee Basin by H.T. Cook, p. 28, as quoted in Marion County Churches & Churchmen, by Victor Bland Stanley Jr. (1938) p.34. Also Sellers.]

June 5, 1737
Robert Fladger buys 700 acres on the Little Pee Dee River from William Borland for 1,464 pounds and ten negro men: Tom, etc. (I did not copy all of the names. This document can be found in the State Archives in Columbia, SC.)

7 Nov 1769 Charleston, SC
This indenture made between Buckingham Keen of the Province of South Carolina of the one part Elizabeth Keen Daughter of said Buckingham Keen and James Johnston of Charleston in the said Province Baker of the other part witnesseth that the said Buckingham Keen for and in consideration of the Natural Love and Affection which he hath and beareth to the said Elizabeth Keen and for the better maintenance and livelihood of her the said Elizabeth Keen hath given granted conveyed and confirmed unto the said Elizabeth Keen and the heirs of her body lawfully begotten and to the said James Johnston, all those two Negro slaves Judy and her son Minoros together with their future issue and increase TO HAVE AND TO HOLD (etc. etc.) Buckingham (K his Mark) Keen. In the presence of Nath'l Balline and Wm. Clarkson.

15 Oct 1770 Berkeley County, SC
Berkley County Js. Sworn to by Nathaniel Balline before Robert Brisbane J.P. and Recorded the same day.( Charleston Misc Records Vol LL pp 386-7 (Vol. 00) [Also Mesne Conveyance 1768 to 1771, Charleston, SC]

June 5, 1786
Indented Certificate to Mr. Charles Hadger (sic) for the sum of One Hundred Pounds Sterling for a Negro man named Hesick (or Kesick) Executed by order of a Court Justices & Freeholders pr as from the Commissioners. (Charles Fladger/Fledger File #2414: Accounts Audited 3199-A & Y- 93, State Archives, Columbia, SC. Also #1229 Book Y Printed Form, Continental Hall, National DAR Library & Archives, Washington DC. Note: later in the same file the name is spelled FLADGER. A cursive FL and H are almost identical)

1790 Census Georgetown District, Prince George Parish
Elizabeth Fladger 12 Slaves
Buckingham Keene 5 Slaves
Note: In my opinion, the name William Fladger in the 1790 SC Census is an error; he is later recorded as William Flagler, according to his descendants.)

February 16, 1805
An Inventory and Appraisement of the Goods and Chattles Rights and Credits of Elizabeth Fladger, late of Marion District Deceased: One Negro woman Sitarah $300 boy Tony $450 Negro Man Tom $300 (Marion County Probate Records, Roll # 264, Vol. I; also Bond Book A 158.)

1800 Census
Elizabeth Fladger 10 slaves
Joseph Davis 20+ slaves (could not read exact number)

1810 Census
Henry Fladger 4 Slaves
Hugh Fladger 9? Or 4? Slaves (could not read exact number)

September 1, 1814
Joseph Davis, in consideration of love good will and regard that he bears towards his daughter Ann Maria Fladger lends to her two negroes slaves, Sophia and Bonapart. Abraham Giles Davis, Trustee. Recorded 5 June 1821. (Marion County Deed Book I pp 394-395.)

May 24, 1817
An Inventory of the Goods and Chattles of the Estate of Henry Fladger, Deces'd
One Negro Man Robin---$500
One Negro Woman Sittirah---$350*
One '' Bess---$400
One girl Pegg---#250
(Marion County Probate Records Vol 1)
Evidence that Henry might be an heir of Elizabeth Fladger; most likely a son. In another document he inherits land from Charles Fladger.

1820 Census
Jane Fladger (widow of Henry) 6 Slaves (1M-14, 1M 45+; 2F-14, 1F 26-45, 1F 45+)
Hugh G. Fladger 12 Slaves (1M-14, 2M 14-25, 1M 26-45, 1M 45+; 4 F-14, 1F 14-26, 1F 26-45, 1F 45+)

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