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Jean Shanelec, 16 Aug 2002

Including those from Keene, Davis, & Bethea Plantations
{Unless otherwise specified}
Jean Fladger Shanelec
August 20, 2002

1824 or 25
Josef Davis deeds his daughter, Anna Mariah Davis Fladger, slaves in trust. This deed is referred to in the court proceedings when Anna Mariah's estate is divided. (See January 1, 1859 division of property for names of slaves & their issue.)

1830 Census
Jane Fladger 8 Slaves (2M-10, 1M 10-24, 1M 55-100;
Hugh G. Fladger 14 Slaves (1M-10, 1M 10-24, 2M 24-36, 1M 36-55; 3F -10, 5F 10-24, 1F 24-36)

January 13, 1835; recorded 1838
Appraisement & Agreement of Heirs of Estate of Joseph Davis Sr. dec'd
Doll & Sarah $350
Stephen $450
Frank $350
John $325
Bena & children $450
Ally $250
Peggy $200
Paid H.G. Fladger
Susan B.Davis, W.R. Johnson, J. D. Johnson, B. (S.or L.) Davis, James E. Newsom, James C. Thomas, Daniel H. Davis. Note: Wording implies that there are absent heirs who will receive just payment for their share of the above slaves. (Deed Book R page 83.)

November 18, 1837
Will of Silas White
Imprimis: I give and bequeath unto my three beloved sons by my last wife Joseph Benjamin White, William Stephen White, and Silas Whitby White a negro woman Phyllis and her child Amelia together with all the future increase of said negroes etc. Item: All the rest and residue of my Estate which is left after the discharge of all my just debts by my debtors consisting of household and kitchen furniture, farming utensils and stock of every kind & whatever articles belonging to me at my death I give and bequeath to all my children by my first and second wives to be divided among them share and share alike. (Will filed in Book D pages 48 & 49, Marion County Probate Records #1990)

Jane Fladger to David Legett, Mortgage
By my note of hand I have promised the payment of $2100 unto David Legett on or before 15 January next say 1839 with interest from date…for the better securing of the said sum…hath bargained, sold…and in plain and open market deliver unto said Legett the following negroes Tiller. Toney, Peter, Rose, and H(arvey? Havory?)…. (Deed Book R page 208.)

1840 Census
Jane Fladger 8 Slaves (4M -10, 1M 10-24; 1F -10, 1F 24-36, 1F 55-100)
(Levi Legett, Enumerator)
James Graham 14 Slaves ; 1 Free Colored M 10-21
Hugh G. Fladger 21 Slaves (5M -10, 2M 10-24, 3M 24-36, 1M 36-55, 1M 55-100;
2F -10, 4F 10-24, 1F 24-36, 1F 36-55, 1F 55-100)
Charles Joseph Fladger 4 Slaves (2M 10-24, 1F -10; 1F 10-24)

February 1, 1841
H.G. Fladger Coroner to William Baker
The property of Hugh Giles was levied on and taken under execution. Said property sold at public auction for $150 to W.B. Baker, last & highest bidder: one negro woman named Jenny.
(Deed book 4, page 329)

1850 Census
112. Silas White 60 M
Jane 72 F
(Note: Jane Fladger married Silas White between 1840 and 1850.)

1850 Slave Schedules (Do not have)
Enumerated by Cade Godbold
Hugh G. Fladger M 63
Charles J. Fladger M 29

November 10, 1855
Will of Hugh Giles Fladger; probated August 1859
Frank to wife Anna Maria Fladger & to son Charles J. Fladger
Antony to wife Anna Maria Fladger & to daughter Ann Elizabeth Graham
Sam, Dick, Hattaway, Kate,* Flora and Mary (who is already in his possession) to son Robert Benjamin Fladger (*or Rate)
Betsy, Amelia, Maria & March too my daughter Rachel Eliza Fladger (later Gaddy)
Josephine to daughter Ann Elizabeth Graham
(Probate Roll 1025, pages 76, 77, 78, & 79.)

March 13, 1857 Sarah A. Bethea Adm. in Account with Estate of W.S. Bethea. W.H. Deberry for negro girl Sally. (Equity Roll 342. C. J. Fladger and wife adm & admx of Estate of W. S. Bethea vs John Hamer and wife et al.)

January 1, 1859
Bill for Confirming Partition of Slaves. Heirs and Distributees of Estate of Anna Mariah Davis Fladger, deceased, agree to the following division of her estate, to wit:
To David, S. Hays, guardian of Mariah M. Hays, Charles F. Hays, and Sarah Eliza Hays, children of Mary (Fladger) Hays, deceased: Gin and child Carolina ($950), Stephen($1000), Sally ($400), & John ($300.)
To R. B. Fladger: Charley($1100), Sarah Ann ($1000), & Nancy($450.)
To A. E. Graham: Pat and child Judy ($850), Harry ($950), Jeff ($450.)
To C. J. Fladger: Sophy and child Patty ($1100), Becky ($700), & Zack ($700.)
To E. R. Fladger: Renn and child Frank ($1100), Lyde ($750), Crusoe ($650.)
Some of the above slaves may have retained the DAVIS surname. (Equity Roll 338, R.B. Fladger et al vs James Graham & wife et al.)

January 11, 1859
Deed from H. G. Fladger to Robert Benjamin Fladger lending him the use of five negro slaves: Hatterway, Sam, Dick, Cate, & Flora. (Book Y page 211.)

January 11, 1859
Deed from H. G. Fladger to Rachel Eliza Fladger lending her the use of four negro slaves: Bet, Melia, March, & Mariah. (Book Y page 214-215.)
[I am assuming that H. G. Fladger had already given slaves to his older son & daughter, Charles Joseph Fladger and Ann Elizabeth Fladger Graham, at the time of their marriages. No deeds located as yet.)

December 17, 1859
Bill for Petition & Account
Your orator Charles J. Fladger and your oratrix Sarah A. Fladger his wife shew that William S. Bethea late of District and state departed this life on or about March 1857. At the time of his death he was seized of the following tracts of land in Marion Dist: The tract on which he resided at his death-843 acres more or less devised to him by the last will and testament of his father Wm. Bethea decd lying on Big Reedy Creek bounded by lands of Jno. C. Bethea, George J. Bethes and Others…Tract on which which C.J. Fladger & S.A. Fladger now live valued at $8268. 00. (Equity Roll 342)
Note: Charles J. Fladger probably moved to the Bethea Plantation shortly after his marriage to the widow Bethea in August of 1859.

January 11, 1860; Recorded April 6, 1870
C. J. Fladger and wife adm & admx of Estate of W. S. Bethea vs John Hamer and wife et al.
Negroes valued at $18025
To S. A. Fladger: Esau, Lucy, Desda and child Lewis, Alice, Frederick, Nora, Marvel, Hugh, Edmund. Value $6050.
To Missouri Bethea, wife of John H. Hamer: Anna and child John, Ella, Rebecca, Ebby, Kitsey, Jim, Mary, Peter, and Liskey. Total value $5925.
To William Henry Bethea: Jane and child, Alexander, Cyrus, Tom, Jethro, Little Jan, and Simon. Total value $6050. (Equity Roll 342.)

1860 Census Record
101. Silas White 70 M Farmer
Martha Gainey 25 F School teacher
R. Carter 20 F
[Jane Fladger White must have died before 1860.]

1860 Slave Schedules (Do not have)
Charles Joseph Fladger 39 M Flintville Post Office
R. E. Fladger 33 F Oak Grove Post Office [Rachel Eliza Fladger married J. Maston Gaddy]
Robert B. Fladger 31 M Oak Grove Post Office

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