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Family Bible of
William and Alice EAGERTON

Contributed by: Francine Jones, 23 Jun 2002


In 1980 the Eagerton Bible was owned by James Thomas Willoughby, Jr. His present address is unknown.

In 1980 he wrote: "I do have the old Eagerton Family Bible. The first entry is 1748 and much of the registry isn't legible."

William Eagerton, born 4 Nov. 1748, is the first recorded entry in the
Bible.  His wife was named Alice and their children are listed below.

Mary Eagerton               12-18-1771
Henry Eagerton               1-14-1773
William Eagerton, Jr.        9-23-1774
Frances & Alice Eagerton     5-29-1774  (twins)
(Another child, name is not legible)   9-29-1780
Sarah Eagerton               10-8-1782
James Eagerton               12-29-1784
Anne Eagerton                 1-21-1787
George Eagerton               2-17-1789
David Eagerton                2-22-1791
Charles Eagerton             11-4-1796

Charles married Martha Ann _____?  They had two daughters.
Anne Elizabeth     never married
Mary Alice         never married

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