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Partial listing (of Richardsons) contributed by Kelly Gordon Peeples, February 2000. Edited by Victoria Proctor 2000, 2005.


Location: south of US-378 and east of S-34-49 and south of intersection of these two roads. Near Brittons Neck firetower, Marion County, SC.

Addie Tindal Richardson (w/o T J Richardson) b. 9/7/1890 d. 11/16/1937

Amelia Tanner Richardson (w/o P. B. Richardson) 6/20/1843 d. 10/23/1877

Annie Richardson (dau of P B. and Amelia Tanner Richardson) b. 9/8/1877 d. 9/9/1877

Annie Richardson McRae (w/o Lamar McRae) b. 2/22/1888 d. 5/22/1950

Berry F. Richardson b. 4/1/1890 d. 7/23/1957

Blanche Woodberry Richardson (w/o T. Jeff Richardson) b. 2/24/1900 d. 8/10/1967

Carrie Bell Richardson (w/o C. H. Herring) b. 5/28/1915 d. 1/26/1952

Carrie Bell Richardson b. 1921 d. 1979

Charlotte Ellen Richardson b. 7/12/1865 d. 12/7/1943

Curtis Frank Richardson (h/o Edna L. Richardson) (PFC US Army World War II) b. 6/16/1918 d. 7/21/1976

D. McDuffie Richardson (h/o Ruth L. Richardson) b. 1897 d. 1962

Della Richardson (w/o W. S. Richardson) b. 8/26/1872 d. 5/13/1937

E. C. Richardson (h/o Frances Richardson) b. 7/19/1882 d. 5/16/1948

E. Victoria Smith Richardson (w/o W. H. Richardson) b. 11/19/1851 d. 1/16/1897

Edna L. Richardson (w/o Curtis Frank Richardson) b. 6/29/1919 d. no date

Ernest Stafford Richardson (h/o Eula Mae Cannon Richardson) b. 7/9/1917 d. 6/12/1993

Eulea Cook Richardson (w/o E. Stafford Richardson) b. 6/16/1911 d. 7/15/1945

Florrie Mae Richardson (w/o Richard Richardson) b. 9/3/1901 d. 4/8/1925

Frances Richardson (w/o E. C. Richardson) b. 5/15/1861 d. 3/16/1945

George B. Richardson b. 9/7/1894 d. 6/14/1948

George Furman Richardson (h/o Irene Barnhill Richardson) b. 10/5/1901 d. 6/18/1973

Hattie Larrimore Richardson (w/o W. Smithie Richardson) b. 5/15/1906 d. 7/12/1998

Hoyt M. Richardson (son of H. Eathel & Bethel B. Richardson) b. 9/26/1908 d. 7/26/1978

Irene Barnhill Richardson (w/o George Furman Richardson) b. 2/12/1909 d. no date

Josephine S. Richardson b. 5/14/1856 d. 9/4/1928

Luella Richardson (dau of P B. and Amelia Tanner Richardson) b. 8/15/1871 d. 1/29/1873

Margaret Pace Richardson b. 9/15/1865 d. 5/6/1938

Mary Cullipher Richardson (w/o Smiley G. Richardson) b. 1/2/1891 d. 10/30/1965

Ora Jefferson Richardson b. 7/26/1886 d. 5/1/1930 (World War veteran)

P. B. Richardson (h/o Amelia Tanner Richardson) b. 5/23/1842 d. 1/7/1885

Robert E. Richardson (son of Bobbie and Aleese Richardson) b. 8/1/1944 d. 8/12/1944

Rupert Lanneau Richardson b. 6/5/1892 d. 12/6/1939

Ruth Lane Richardson (w/o D. McDuffie Richardson) b. 1905 d. no date

Smiley G. Richardson (h/o Mary C. Richardson) b. 3/12/1882 d. 4/29/1927

T.J. "Jeff" Richardson b. 1/8/1890 d. 5/16/1967

W. H. Richardson (h/o E. Victoria Richardson) b. 3/26/1842 d. 10/17/1920

W. S. Richardson (h/o Della Richardson) b. 2/17/1869 d. 5/4/1934

W. Smithie Richardson (h/o Hattie L. Richardson) b. 3/27/1914 d. 3/17/1979

Lamar McRae (h/o Annie Richardson McRae) b. 2/9/1888 d. 4/4/1929

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