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A complete listing, as of 2000, was generously contributed by Helen Lane Carmichael, 25 July 2000.


Located on CARROL RD .3 mile east of intersection of S-34-197 & S-34-198, near Marion-Dillon Co. line, NW of Temperance Hill


William Bryant 1773-74 after 1860

Rebecca Miller 1787 after 1860

Crawford Lane April 5, 1877 Sept. 11, 1949 GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN

A. L. Lane Oct. 6, 1844 Dec. 3, 1928 CHRIST LOVED HIM AND TOOK HIM HOME

Cherry Lane Nov. 6, 1841 Jan. 27, 1928 SHE HATH DONE WHAT SHE COULD

Bascom S. Lane Oct. 7, 1869 Oct. 8, 1946 FATHER WE STILL LOVE YOU

Mary Sue Lane Nov. 16, 1862 Nov. 9, 1949 MOTHER YOUR LOVE IS STILL REMEMBERED

Vinnie Lane Suggs 1903 1986

Mary Bryant June 17, 1835 Sept. 30, 1920

Ana, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. D.S. Bryant Jan. 12, 1908 July 22, 1908 AT REST

Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. D.S. Bryant Apr. 8, 1909 Apr. 16, 1909 AT REST

Corp. Hugh G. Bryant CO. H 23 SC INF. , CSA (no dates)

Emeline Edwards w of H.G. Bryant 1846 Mar. 19, 1894

Corp. Solomon Bryant CO. C MANIGAULT S SC ARTY CSA (no dates)

John M.Bryant Dec. 22, 1804 1887

Jane wife of John M. Bryant died April 23, 1890

Grave- no marker-Mollie B. Welch (per Olivia Bailey)

Grave- no marker-Lide Bailey (per Olivia Bailey)

Grave- no marker-Herbert Bailey (per Olivia Bailey)

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