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Lambert Cemetery
Marion County, S.C.

Contributed by John Knox, June 1999.

John writes:
I found a cemetery in Marion County that is not on your list. I am told it is called "Lambert Cemetery" but there are no inscriptions with that name. It appears to be abandoned. It is located approximately 1.4 miles west on Bluff Rd. from the Gapway Baptist Church located on highway 41. As you proceed west on Bluff Rd. you will see on your right a field with a small group of trees and bushes sitting in the middle of the field. It's about 0.3 miles before the railroad tracks. I transcribed every marker in the cemetery that had an inscription. There are a few graves with granite markers but no names. Of interest two graves were moved to the Reedy Creek Cemetery; Thomas Drew and Joseph F. Sineath. The list is as follows:

Charles T. Lewis    10/9/1850-7/26/1926
Mary K.       "     10/9/1867-
Ruth Cook            12/20/1904-4/27/1925  "She was a kind and affectionate wife,
                                            a fond mother and a friend to all"

Martha wife of Nathan Drew    4/26/1839-3/1/1908
Daniel son of E.B. and Mary E. Drew    2/5/1900-4/10/1900  "Gone so Soon"
Ida daughter of E.B. and Mary E. Drew    9/30/1894-5/16/1895  "Our loved one"
Linnie Belle daughter of E.B. and Mary E. Drew    5/4/1892-2/4/1909
Mary E. wife of E.B. Drew         2/1864  - 6/15/1912
Edward B. Drew                   1/11/1862-11/16/1926
D. Palmer Drew                  11/9/1879-8/26/1906

NOTE from vp: "101 Cemeteries in Marion County" lists the following for Lambert Cemetery located Southwest of Mullins, 300 feet north of S-34-19, 1.5 mi. west of Gapway near intersection of S-34-19 and S-34-203.

  • Edward B. DREW, Jan. 11, 1862 - Nov. 16, 1926 (W.O.W.)
  • Mary E. DREW, Feb. 1864 - June 15, 1912, wife of EB Drew
  • Linnie Belle DREW, May 4, 1892 - Feb. 4, 1909, dau. of EB and MB Drew
  • Ruth COOK, Dec. 20, 1904 - April 27, 1925
  • Thomas DREW, ? - Sept. 13, 1921, age 76 yrs, CSA
  • Joseph F. SINEATH, April 24, 1832 - April 6, 1896, CSA

The two lists are not identical.--Victoria, 25 June 2000

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