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MARTIN Family Cemetery
Marion County, S.C.

Contributed by Jo Church Dickerson, 6 Dec 1998.

© 1998 Jo Church Dickerson

DIRECTIONS to Lane and Martin Cemeteries on Maiden Down Bay:
Coming from town of Marion on Hwy 41A, turn right on State Road 505, recently
renamed Sandhill Road. Go 1.1 miles. Turn left onto little dirt road (hardly
more than a trail). This little road turns back to the left very sharply, and
is easy to miss and drive past. There is a white sign just a few feet up the
dirt road that says 'Lane Cemetery'.

As you reach the top of the hill on the dirt road, you will see the Lane
Cemetery ahead, just in the edge of the trees on your right. To reach the
Martin Cemetery, take a sharp right at the top of the hill at the light post,
before you get to the Lane Cemetery. Weeds are high, but it is passable. Go
about 50 feet. Martin Cemetery is on the left, right beside the "road."


Edward Blondell Martin   (new marker)
14 Aug 1836
10 Jul 1882

Melissa Lupo Martin  (new marker)
27 Aug 1841
5 Feb 1923

Mary Stephens  (original stone)
died 27 Feb 1853  (footstone also has 1853 date)
age 33

Wooden Marker with a funeral home marker. The data on the funeral home marker
is completely illegible. 

Another Wooden Marker, fallen over.

No other stones, though Mr. Harry Martin says there were several other wooden
markers here at one time.

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