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Moody's Mill Pond Cemetery
Ellerbe Heights Community, Marion County, S.C.

Contributed by Sandra Brumbles and Sheila Berry, 10 Sept 2001

                             MOODY CEMETERY

Direction: from Latta going toward Marion on highway 501. After crossing 
Marion County Line, there is a community called Ellerbe Heights; cemetery 
is just off the road about 2/10 of a mile.

Mary J Smith wife of Marshall Wallace 9/21/1869-5/28/1940
Kirby Smith son of M.&M.J.Wallace 7/1/1894-8/23/1896
Gary son of M.&M.J.Wallace 7/19/1891-12/28/1899
Marshall Wallace 8/28/1866-9/1/1944

Ruth Ann Smith 8/25/1842-3/16/1918

Martha Jane wife of John A Miles 1/8/1834-1/7/1917

1 FHM can't read
1 marker of concrete no name or dates

J.W.Snipes 9/23/1860-12/22/1929 His Memory is Blessed
Annie S. Snipes wife of J.W.Snipes 6/7/1874-12/22/1903

E.J.Whittington 11/10/1901-2/11/1904 
Darling, we miss thee

Alice wife of R.C.Collins 2/9/1872-4/29/1910
William Collins 3/10/1822-6/10/1908
Thelma dau.of R.C.&A.Collins 9/3/1903-7/30/1907
Rupert son of R.C.&A.Collins 10/3/1893-8/26/1896

Mary Lester wife of M.Stackhouse died 8/12/1918 aged 75 yrs.
Walter Lester Stackhouse 6/30/1875-7/10/1907 aged 32 yrs.

Elias P.Townsend 9/4/1806-3/6/1886

Elizabeth wife of J.B.Perritt 12/1814-12/5/1882 as a wife,devoted
as a mother affectionate as a friend,ever kind and true

Susanna dau. of Elas P.Townsend 5/17/1853-11/9/1872
A tribute of respect from sister
to sister. Mrs.A.J.Brigman

small stone for baby but nothing on it

A Grand Mother's Tribute of affection to her Granddaughter 
Anna E.Fore 2/23/1854-5/17/1855
A Grand Mother's Tribute of affection to her Grandson 
John L.Fore 8/20/1859-8/5/1861     E.Perritt
A Mother's Tribute of affection to her Daughter
Miss.Ann E. Kirven 3/12/1853 aged 23 yrs. & 6 mos.& 12 dys. 
She Calmly resigned this life in the firm belief of a christian of an 
immortal resurrection.The cold earth hide her mortal remains, yet her 
spirit has sought a sphere move fitting for its purity Farewell Now.
But we shall meet again beyond the confines of this weary earth where 
neither grief can enter in nor pain;Where better Joys exist and have 
their birth,Far hope shall smile again.The future shall unlock the 
dead parts;and restore the hearts lost treasures,that have died in 
pain,and we shall love,and be loved once more. E.K.  
[W.T.White is on the bottom and possibly the undertaker..]

Mother's tribute of affection to her Daughter 
Mrs.Mary L. Fore 9/22/1832-1/17/1864 
Here lies a Christian

Mary Susan dau.of M.&M.S.Stackhouse 8/30/1883-10/29/1883

To the Memory of William Brown Lamb died 7/15/1854 aged 4 weeks

Martha Jane dau.of M.&M.S.Stackhouse 4/8/1879-8/18/1881
Infant dau.of M.&M.S.Stackhouse 3/9/1874-3/17/1874
Maggie V.dau.of M.&M.S.Stackhouse 4/29/1881-6/10/1881

Nathan J. Tart died 3/21/1853 aged 27yrs.&3mos.&29dys.
Erected to the memory of Thomas E.Tart 
died12/26/1850 aged 29yrs.14dys.
E.Tart died 11/1828
Mrs. Susannah Tart 8/6/1853 aged 69yrs.
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
John Smith Pvt. Capt.Ellerbe's Co.Benton's Regt. Rev.War

Note: These are in a plot surrounded by concrete wall about 3 inches high:

Rev.E.J.Moody 4/17/1825-12/7/1903 
Well done thou good and faithful servant
Martha Jane wife of E.J.Moody 4/4/1817-4/25/1886
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.
T.E.Moody 6/15/1857-9/14/1883 Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
Edgar Cornelius Moody 8/10/1859-11/27/1897 Father into thy hands I commend my Spirit
Frances V. wife of Douglas McIntyre 6/4/1854-10/1/1888
Emma Wright dau.of D.&F.V.McIntyre 12/18/1876-11/1/1883
Florence Sophia dau.of D.& F.V.McIntyre 9/12/1879-9/19/1883

A complete listing, as of 1952, by Mrs. Dora Louise Easterling DROST, the former Mrs. Dora Louise Easterling McCOLLUM, author of SOME CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS FROM DILLON COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA.


Highway #501- 5.3 Miles North of Marion, S. C.
Copied January 1952
By D. L. E. McCollum

Sacred/ To the memory/ Of/ Mrs. Susannah Tart/
  Who died 6th August 1853/ Aged 69 years/
Masonic Emblem/ E. Tart/ Died Nov. 15       / AE     / A. D./ 1828/
John/ Smith/ Pvt. Capt. Ellerbe's Co./ Benton's Regt./ Rev. War/
Erected/ To the memory/ of/ Thomas E. Tart/
  Who died/ The 26th December 1850/
  Age 21 years/ 14 days/
In Memory/ of/ Nathan J. Tart/ Who died/ The 21st of March 1853/
  Aged 27 years/ Three Mos and 29 Days/
Maggie V./ Daughter of/ M. & M. S. Stackhouse/
 Born/ Apr. 29, 1881/ Died/ June 10, 188l/
Infant/ Daughter of/ M. & M. S. Stackhouse/
 Born/ Mar. 9, 1874. Died/ Mar/ 12, 1874/
Martha Jane/ Daughter of/ M & M. S. Stackhouse/
 Born Apr. 8, 1879/ Died/ Aug. 18, 1881/
To the/ Memory of/ William Brown Lamb/
 Who died/ July 15, 1854/ Aged 4 weeks/
Mary Susannah/ Daughter of/ M. & M. S. Stackhouse/
  Born/ Aug. 30, 1883/ Died Oct. 29, 1883/
A Mothers Tribute of/ Affection to her Daughter/ Mrs. Mary L. Fore/ 
  Who was born Sept. 22nd 1832/ and died Jan. 17th 1864/ E. Perritt/ 
A Mothers Tribute/ Of affection to her Daughter/ Miss Ann E. Kirven/
  Who died 12th March 1853/ Aged 23 years, 6 mos. 12 days/
A Grand Mothers/ Tribute of/ Affection to her Grand/ Son/ John L. Fore/
  Born Aug. 20th 1859/ Died Aug. 5, 1861/ E. Perritt/
A Grand Mothers/ Tribute of/ Affection to her Grand/ Daughter/ Anna E. Fore/
  Born Feb. 23, 1854/ Died May 17, 1855/ E. Perritt/
Susanna. Daughter of/ Elas P. Townsend/ Born / May 17, 1853/ Died/ Nov.9, 1872/
Elizabeth/ Wife of/ J. B. Perritt/ Dec. 1814/ Dec. 5, 1882/
Elias P. Townsend/ Born/ Sept. 4, 1806/
 Died/ Mar. 6, 1867 A tribute of respect
 from daughter to/ Father. Mrs. A. J. Brigman/
Edgar Cornelius Moody/ Born/ Aug. 10, 1859/ Died/ Nov. 27, 1897/
T. E. Moody/ Born/ June 15, 1857/ Died/ Sept. 14, 1883/
Martha Jane/ Wife of/ E. J. Moody/ Born/ April 4, 1817/ Died/ April 25, 1886/
Rev./ E. J. Moody/ Apr. 7, 1825/ Dec. 7, 1903/
STACKHOUSE/ Mary Lester/ Wife of M. Stackhouse/
  Departed this life/ Aug. 12, 1918/ Age 75 years/
Walter Lester Stackhouse/ June 30, 1875/ July 10, 1907/ Age 32 years/
Rupert/ Son of/ R. C. & A. Collins/ Oct. 3, 1893/ Aug. 26, 1896/
Thelma/ Dau. of/ R. C. and A. Collins/ Sept. 3, 1903/ July 20, 1907/
William/ Collins/ March 10, 1822/ June 10, 1908/
Alice/ Wife of/ R. C. Collins/ Feb. 9, 1872/ Apr. 29, 1910/
Frances V./ Wife of/ Douglas McIntyre/ Born/ June 4, 1854/ Died/ Oct. l, 1888/
Emma Wright/ Dau. of/ D. & F. V. McIntyre/ Born Dec. 18, 1876/ Died Nov. l, 1883/
Florence Sophia/ Dau. of/ D. & F. V. McIntyre/ Born Sept. 13, 1879/
  Died Sept. 19, 1883/
E. J. Whittington./ Born Nov. 10, 1901/ Died Feb. 11, 1904/
Martha Jane/ Wife of/ John A. Miles/ Born/ Jan. 8, 1834/ Died/ Jan. 7, 1911
Annie S./ Wife of/ J. W. Snipes/ Born June 7, 1874/ Died Dec. 22, 1903/
J. W. Snipes/ Sept. 23, 1860/ Dec. 22, 1929/
Marshall Wallace/ Aug. 28, 1866/ Sept. 1, 1944/
Gary/ Son of/ M. & M. J./ Wallace/ Born/ July 19, 1891/ Died/ Dec/ 28, 1899/
Kirby Smith/ Son of/ M & M. J./ Wallace/ Born July 1, 1894/ Died/ Aug. 23, 1896/
Mary J. Smith/ Wife of/ Marshall Wallace/ Sept. 21, 1869/ May 28, 1940/
Ruth Ann Smith/ Aug. 25, 1842/ Mar. 6, 1918/
A number of unmarked graves

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