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MULLINS Family Cemetery
Marion County, S.C.

Contributed by Jo Church Dickerson and Buddy Harrelson, 7 Feb 2002


Surveyed 31 January 2002 by Edward Timothy (Buddy) Harrelson, Jr. and Jo Church Dickerson.

Location: Near Town of Mullins, in Marion County

Directions: From Mullins take S.C. 917 go S 2.7 miles to Old Stage Road (at Red Hill Cemetery). Turn left, go 1.1 miles to Mullins Cemetery Court. Turn right, go one tenth of a mile to back of field. Cemetery is at the back of the field. It is right on a high bluff above Little Pee Dee River Swamp. Moderately well kept.

1st ROW

Large stone in front of first row - MULLINS

6 small, modern stones in row behind the large stone, 
appear to have all been placed at one time:

William Lide Mullins
1848 - 1910

Charles Samuel Mullins
1856 - 1897

Francis Hodges Mullins
1851 - 1874

Sarah Ann Mullins - Mother
1829 - 1874

William Sidney Mullins - Father
1824 - 1878

2nd ROW

Joseph Jolly McIntyre
Oct. 23, 1845
Oct 16, 1914
Father in thy gracious keeping
  leave me now thy servant sleeping.

Daughter of Joseph J. 
& Mary Mullins McIntyre
Apr. 1886
March 1904

Mary Mullins McIntyre
Mar. 7, 1854
Jan. 14, 1918
Blessed are the pure in heart for they
  shall see God.

William Curtis Bethea Jr.
Aug. 30, 1917
Oct. 27, 1919

Annie McIntyre
Beloved wife of
William Curtis Bethea
Jan. 30, 1892
Feb. 3, 1973
[This stone is identical to those in 1st row.]

William Curtis Bethea
Beloved husband of
Annie McIntyre Bethea
Nov. 3, 1892
Apr. 30, 1973
[This stone is identical to those in 1st row.]

3rd ROW

Mrs. Athalia McI. Sale
Sept. 30, 1883
Sept. 21, 1920
Let our Fathers will be done
She shines in endless day.

James Powhatan Sale
Mar. 19, 1881
Sept. 8, 1963
Married Athalia McIntyre Nov. 7, 1906

          Double stone - new
William Mullins		Alice Owen
April 2, 1881		April 4, 1887
July 10, 1951		May 12, 1954
          Married June 6, 1906
We must not say that those are dead who pass away
  from this our world of flesh set free: we know them living unto thee.

               Double stone
Robert Frost		Elizabeth McIntyre
1905 - 1986		1909 - 1981

R.J. Martin  [Broken obelisk]
son of 
C.M. & L.E. Martin
May 19, 1885 
Feb 19, 1908
He died as he lived
  a Christian

N.C. Martin
Aug 1., 1885
July 19, 1905
Weep not he is at rest.

We have no information about the history of this cemetery. Generally, from 
deeds, it appears to be on land formerly associated with the Reaves and/or 
Hodges family.

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