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Nelson FORD Cemetery
Marion County, S.C.

Contributed by Jo Church Dickerson, 5 Aug 2001

Nelson Ford Cemetery

Copied 31 July 2001 by Jo Church Dickerson 
and grandson Tyler J. Ward.

Location: Marion County, 3.1 miles north of Nichols

Directions: Going north or west on Main Street in Nichols 
(Hwy #9), bear left behind the Methodist Church onto 
Kemper Road. Cemetery is 3.1 miles, on left, right beside 
the road. Cemetery is on or near lands owned by descendants 
of Nelson Ford.

This cemetery is included in the Dillon County Cemetery Book, 
survey made by Harry Jones about 1980. One marker is listed 
in the book that is no longer at the cemetery. I found several 
markers that have been placed (in two cases replaced) since 
the original survey was made. I also noted a few differences in 
dates, probably due to typographical errors in the book.

My comments in [brackets].


Rhoda Annis Ford
21 Jul 1877
16 Mar 1964
God is our refuge and strength.

Sarah Viola Ford
24 Nov 1867
11 Mar 1942
Rest, Mother, rest in quiet sleep.

Elizabeth Norme Ford
  wife of W.D. Lieupo
29 Nov 1843
28 Aug 1889
Asleep in the a(_?_)
  dear Savior, farewell to all
[Stone is broken]

FORD  (double stone)
Devon                      Anzie G.  
2 Jun 1883              7 Nov 1894
1 Apr 1961              6 Apr 1983
Father                       Mother
Blessed are the pure in heart for
they shall see God. Matt. 5:8


Kitsy Goodyear
8 Nov 1837
9 Jun 1904
She was a kind affectionate wife, 
a fond mother, a friend to all.

Victoria Ford
25 Jul 1898
16 Dec 1900
God gave. He took. He will restore.

In Memory of
Nelson Ford
15 Sep 1811
3 May 1895

Willie May Ford
18 Jun 1883
28 Jun 1883
Sweetly sleeping.

Sons of H. Ford
July 1882
July 1882
Our darling babies.

Hardee Ford
11 Apr 1842
8 Jan 1919
Dearest one thou hast left
us and our loss we deeply feel.
But tis God who has bereft us. 
He can all our sorrows (heal?).

Frances Ford
1 Nov 1847
14 Jan 1935
Faithful to her trust, even unto death.

Mellie Ford
2 Mar 1874
13 Jul 1947
Gone but not forgotton.

FORD  (double stone)
Junius                      Julese J.
5 Dec 1887             24 Dec 1907
18 Feb 1977           12 Apr 1972


Roger, son of W.L. & G.E. Hutchison 
25 Jun - 10 Sep  1905
[This was shown as son of  W.L. & Georgie 
Hutchison in Dillon Cemetery Book.]

GOODYEAR  (double stone)
Cora E.                              Nute A.
21 Aug 1874                    16 Mar 1874
12 Dec 1947                     21 Mar 1951

[Dillon Cemetery Book shows a marker between Cora 
& Nute Goodyear, and M.C. Ford stones. There is no 
trace of a stone or funeral home marker here now (2001). 
From survey by Harry Jones for Dillon Cemetery Book:
Charlie Carlton Goodyear
Died 6 Jan 1975, age 69 years]

M.C. Ford
26 Mar 1875
3 Apr 1927
Having finished life's duty now sweetly rest.

Isla Grainger Ford
20 Nov 1890
11 Mar 1970
She has kept the faith.
(This is an identical, matching stone to M.C. Ford.)

Dennis Franklin Simmons
12 Jun 1954
26 Aug 1984


FORD  (double stone)
Hardy LeRoy Ford             Donnie Elvington Ford  
29 Jul 1880                        25 Jun 1896 
4 Jul 1937                           6 Apr 1982
Father                                  Mother
A loved one from us departed, in memory
ever present, by example guiding us always.
[Dillon Cemetery Book shows a single stone here for 
Hardy Leroy Ford, same dates.]

GOODYEAR  (double stone)
Hassie W.                     Janie  
23 Feb 1904                 25 Apr 1915
25 Apr 1965                  [death date blank]
[Dillon Cemetery Book shows a single stone here for
Hassie Wood Goodyear.]

GOODYEAR  (double stone)
"Our Sons"              
Wade Temple                            Hassie Wood, Jr.
15 May 1935                             17 Jan 1941
19 Jul 1959                                18 Jul 1959
To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
Military marker at foot of grave:
Wade T. Goodyear
SC Sp3  Infantry
[dates below ground]

Infant son of H.W. & Janie Goodyear
30 Aug 1951
[Dillon Cemetery Book gives date of August 3, but
date is clearly August 30.]

Pauline Goodyear
28 Jul 1943
10 Oct 1943


William Nelson Ford
1 Sep 1930
19 Dec 1931
From Mother's arms to the arms of Jesus.

HURSEY  (double stone)
Gary A.                 ["wife's" side of stone is blank]
27 Apr 1921              
23 Feb 1995              
Military marker at foot of grave:
Gary Author Hursey
PFC US Army WWII 1921 - 1995

Nettie Hamilton Goodyear
1 Aug 1916
6 Oct 1980
Gone but not forgotten.

Mr. Mack Goodyear
born 6-7-1901
died 1-2-1986, age 84
Funeral Home Marker
Prevatte Funeral Home
Fairmont NC - Lake View, SC

Isla Hattie Goodyear
6 Dec 1903
6 May 1955
Gone but not forgotten

Gerald McKever Goodyear  -  Son
21 Sep 1960
22 Sep 1960

James Eli & Wade Thomas Goodyear
(one small child stone)
6 Oct 1934
6 Oct 1934
Safe in the arms of Jesus.
[Dillon Cemetery Book says 16 Oct, 
but the date is clearly 6 Oct 1834.]

George T. Raynor  [broken military marker]
North Carolina
Pvt  165 Inf. 42 Div.
26 Jan 1935
[no other date]

This last marker is in the far back right hand corner of the graveyard. It has fallen, and was covered with vines. I would not have seen the stone, but my grandson Tyler found it.

History: Nelson Ford (1811-1895) is discussed by Sellers in his "History of Marion County." Sellers said, and records tend to confirm, that Nelson Ford was a son of George Ford, who lived near Tabernacle Methodist Church. Sellers also stated that Nelson's first wife was a Miss Lupo and his second wife was "Kitsy" Goodyear. Nelson's brother, William "Little Bill" Ford, was said by Sellers to have married a Miss Lupo, who census records show was named Naomi.

Several clues indicate that the wives of Nelson and William Ford were probably daughters of old William Lupo (c1785 - c1846) who came from Robeson County, North Carolina about 1810, and resided on lands not far from the Nelson Ford lands, per various Marion County deeds, and census records.. There is also reason to believe that John Lupo, father of the William D. Lupo who married Elizabeth "Norme" Ford who is buried here, was also a son of old William Lupo. Speculation: Since the name Naomi is found in the William Ford family, and since the name "Norme" is not a known name, it seems likely to me that the young woman was possibly named Naomi, and the stonecutter got the spelling wrong.

Unknown if the Kitsy Goodyear buried here is the same Kitsy Goodyear who married Nelson Ford, and if so, why her name is given as Goodyear, not Ford. 1870 Marion Census shows Kitsy Goodyear Ford's age as 40.

According to Sellers, Nelson Ford was "a most excellent man and worthy citizen..." and Nelson's son, Hardy Ford, was "...a most excellent man and one of our best citizens."

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