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Old Ark Cemetery
Woodberry, Marion County, S.C.

Directions contributed by Norman Lawrimore, 8 Oct 2006.:
As you drive down Tanyard Road the Old Arc Cemetery is on the right about one fourth mile after you pass where the High Voltage Power Lines cross the road. I agree with the survey information that is listed for this cemetery. I did not see any other marked graves other than the ones that are listed in the survey.

Survey contributed by Deryl Young, 23 Jul 2001.

The old Church is no longer standing and the few graves that are marked are listed below.

Clarkie Hucks
died 21 Sept. 1907 52 years old
Hannah Ann, wife of A.J. Brown
died 16 Dec. 1843, aged 31 yrs. 8 mo. 24 days
William Henry Brown, son of A.J. & H.A. Brown
born 13 Oct. 1893
died 26 Nov. 1893
Martha J. Brown, dau. of A.J. & H.A. Brown
born 24 Apr. 1887
died 29 Sept. 1887
Celia, wife of H. Brown
born 13 Oct. 1826
died 28 Dec. 1900 aged 74 yrs. 2 mo. 15 days
Henry Brown, son of William & Margaret Brown
born 23 July 1818
died 1892 aged 73 yrs. 10 mo. 12 days
B.F. Edge
born 15 Jan. 1864
died 17 Mar. 1911

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